Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


Ok I took these very quickly so see what you think

I think that’s all 8 of them, tell me what you think everyone @kabongster @Willd @Majiktoker @HighDesertFarmer @Zombo @DieHigh55 @Myfriendis410


They’re looking great daz!!

Regarding images tho heres some observations

I think that the neutral reflective foil surface is being washed with yellow reflecting from somewhere and all I can see are these yellow lightsaber buds :smiley: :smiley: can you put a piece of white paper behind or somethin? It would be huge improvement for the ability to judge bud/flower!


@daz49 your killing it kiddo WooHoo
Brother nice job
:v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Ok, I have taken a friends advice and I took a few more, I think 1 maybe a contender

I think one of these might be worth putting up, what do you think

@Willd @kabongster @Smokin_ernie @HighDesertFarmer @Fever @bob31 @Zombo @Stonetothebone


Now we’re talking @daz49 those are some beautiful pics no?


I like the middle one.


I second the middle one. Looks delicious!


i have put this picture of my gold leaf in for BOM

Please go and check it out in the bud of the month ,you will need to go to the bud of the month thread and vote for me ,I’d like to thank everyone who gets involved on my behalf, a BIG THANKYOU and a big hug

@TxGrowman @kabongster @SmoknGranny @Coltfire @Powaforce @WillyJ @Zombo @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 and oh yeah my brother @Lenny77 vote for me ,i was to late to enter this in octobers bom so i’m putting it in for november ,please vote for me


Strawberry K. Just washed


That is a lovely bud @daz49
Yours too @bruinsfan33


Cheers my friend


To you as well I’ll atop by the bom thread later and take a look at the buds brother lol


They are gorgeous buddy, you have done well there,question ,don’t the trichomes come off when you wash them


Nah @daz49 think about nature it still rains. Also you can never get that resin off your fingers with just water. Ice helps them fall off easier but still takes stirring and stirring and stirring for bubble hash I mean which is just trichomes.


Oh yeah, well, good to know, thanks bro




I have 4 in the tent but it’s overcrowded and fit to burst, what I will yeild from these 4 you would get the same from 2 plant’s scrogged but it does give you 4 different types of weed


Looks really nice !

I grew strawberry my last grow and it was awesome. Nice taste and kept me buzzed for a long time.

Happy smoking ! Jerry


Thanks, @TxGrowman was she a like scrawny looking plant with little dense buds, very tall plant, just thin scrawny branches


Mine was the exact opposite, it looked like a thick bush and never got that tall but had 13 cola’s on it.