Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


yes indeed ,and to sweeten the deal because they are looking so fat and beautiful ,i have just been up taking more pictures for budporn so let me edit them and stuff and i’ll add them ,these are the super silver haze


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These are the gold leaf ,I just love how curly these get,

Are you bored yet?
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I hope not cos here is some more bud porn

I hope you’re all loving these as much as me
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Please @Willd like my bud porn :wink:


Wow @daz49 looking incredible.
I wish I could be more help with the microscope but mine just worked great with my phone and I’m not very tech oriented. I hope you get it working but your pics look really good still!


@daz49 ,you have come so far in just a few grows, well done and keep it up.


Thanks @Coltfire and @HighDesertFarmer ,yeah they are looking great and you’ve been a great help with the camera, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to get such great trichomes shots


Gorgeous brother. Hard to believe you didn’t know much about growing before you started here. IMPRESSIVE stuff bro.


Thanks for noticing my brother @Willd, I do kinda want to impress you sir,I tip my hat to you


Mission accomplished, Darren. Looks as good as, if not better than, anything in my garden.


Well I wouldn’t go that far, but thank you kind sir, I have you and many other brother’s and sisisters on here to thank but you quite largely helped me the most ,I thank you and give ya a big hug and pass you a big pipe of any of the bud I’ve grown kind sir


:v: :peace_symbol: :blush:


Looking good and tasty!


Thanks my friend, ain’t they just good enough to eat lol


just took these from my gold leaf this morning
Mon Oct 23 14-25-07
Mon Oct 23 14-26-18
Mon Oct 23 14-26-48
Mon Oct 23 14-27-06
Mon Oct 23 14-27-55


Did you post one for the October BOM? You should!


i like that idea ,how do i do that ? do you think they look nice enough ? i mean ofcourse i do but i’m so in love with how its goin in my room atm its just crazy,4 different types and you wouldn’t think they could be so different but they are ,all 4 are their own individual,its amazing


@daz49, pick the prettiest picture and post it along with your ILGM order number.


post it where ? which one do you think i should use the gold leaf or the super silver haze ? i don’t think i’d win but it’d be fun to try


the first pic on this post (the one I’m replying to now) is the bud I think is definitely a contender. with better lighting, less fuzziness would be beneficial in winning. post what you think you’d submit here and we could judge a winning pic here then you could post to BOM thread.
And I’m merely suggesting @daz49 because this is your thread. :rofl::grin:


yeah i’m definitely up for that ,when’s it got to be in by ? yeah that’d be quite fun ,i’ll take some more better pictures ,thanks everyone,what do you think @bob31 ,you being the last winner ,do you think i have a contender ?