Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


define “nearly”…days, weeks?

they look luscious :yum:


Weeks I think but 2 of the 4 are a month ahead in growth before I put them onto 12/12 but definitely see the difference in flowering


some of those buds look like they’ll puff out to soda can size…and all those pistils…looking real good!


Yeah I know, tell me about it, i’m glad you noticed because I have no one here with me that would acknowledge or appreciate that difference, whoop whoop


heh, my wife never looks at the plants, she’s not interested unless I run out of medicine…means more for me and that’s a lot :blush:


I have help if I need it, but mostly done by me for me, I don’t mind that but there are changes in them ,not just when they go into flower but throughout the flower stage, and right up till harvest day they continue to show changes, it’s so awsum but you just want to show everyone and tell everyone, but you can’t, you can’t break the first rule of growing "DON’T TELL ANYONE " so it makes ya wanna burst, burst with pride to, with yourself and you appreciate how well you’ve done and you wanna share that


yeah, the “don’t tell anyone” rule…someday tho…until then, nice job brother :star_struck:


Thanks brother, I do have a warning for everyone though, don’t feed your plants just distilled water and your nutrients, as I did this as I was told it was safe to feed it to my plants but they are now showing signs of nitrogen deficiency in their leaves
This is 4 leaves, 2 from the gold leaf and 2 from the strawberry kush

This is 2 from the gold leaf

This is the 2 from the strawberry kush

I no longer use it and I have gone back to using my regular tap water


so just been sorting my plants and my super silver haze looking full to burst ,so i took a few leaves and here’s how they looked

Sun Oct 22 23-39-30
Sun Oct 22 23-40-25
Sun Oct 22 23-44-19
Sun Oct 22 23-38-35
Sun Oct 22 23-41-29
Sun Oct 22 23-40-23

looking like trichome porn ,am i right
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Getting close brother!


my thoughts exactly my friend


Nice! @daz49 looking good won’t be long!


not to long now my friend ,so do you think i should be checking daily now or still leave it till next weekend ?


I’d check them again maybe Wednesday and I would plan for a weekend harvest!


thanks bro ,so depending on the Wednesday reading ,split the stem maybe Friday


Yep if youre gonna do that then Friday would be the day! @daz49


yeah definitely going to do that again i just don’t wanna jump in to quick ,my problem i have is that 2 of them will be ready before the other 2 ,and yes it is the 2 that are scrogged together but after the stem splitting after 2 days they are supposed to have 2 days of darkness


You can’t do that if you have other plants growing in the same tent?

I haven’t done either on any of my grows though I’m gonna do the stem splitting.


i thought you’d done that ,i did the stem splitting on my last grow my goldy do you remember ? so i definitely want to do it with these ,i can take them to a different room altogether ,but they wouldn’t be in the tent then ,leaving me with just the 2 in the tent ,then the 2 that are ahead in the room alone for 2 days in the dark and then harvest them ,right ?


If you do all that starting Friday then your harvest would be Monday?