Strawberry kush and white widow challenge


Here are 2 new one’s started, I am having a challenge getting some started, so my friend asked if she could have a try and started them as normal seeds, a mix of pearlite, coco and worm humus, poked her little finger in upto her first knuckle and then popped the seeds in and gently covered it over, sprayed the soil lightly, covered over with cling film, then unknown to me placed them on top of my grow tent, with in a couple of days the first broke ground and the 2nd the next day, and this is how they are looking now

She likes saying now she has 100% germination

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they look like they’re stretching a little bit you might want to lower your light just a tad :v:


Look good. Maybe a little stretching going on . But looking good


I just lost a seedling it stretched the fan blew it over and it died overnight


Yes. One of my first got too heavy and bent. Couldn’t even splint it


Thanks everyone, yes I know there’s a bit of stretching ,she’s closer to the light now, this was before they were moved to the light garden, when I transfer them to their bigger pot I’ll just build up the soil, and I can always splint if needed, thanks for your replies
@rodri59 this 1 may help you
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@daz49 , hopefully my strawberry kush turns up this week and then I join your challenge,lol


I’m sorry I didn’t realize you have more experience than me LOL i’m going to keep my mouth shut from now on just looking threw your grow Journal very nice buds :+1: :v:


That would be fun, the challenge on this one is its my friend doing the grow, I’m just supplying all the stuff lol her challenge against me so should be fun, watch this space a brother


No worries my friend, I’m still a newbie, but I have 2 under my belt, my first being durban poison, first time grow and the 2nd was goldy a gold leaf tale, otherwise before that i’d never grown anything


Strawberry K
2 months


Oh my, looking good my friend, I hope these grow that well, have you tried strawberry kush yet? If so what kind of smoke is it


Thanks, I bet they’ll do great! No, I haven’t. Just read when buying they were good for cool weather. I’m in New England.


Hmmm I wonder, I’m in Wales so it’s very cold here, I wonder if it’d do well here, I grow inside as it’s a bit naughty here, good luck and please tag me in your grow,I have a variety of seeds to grow and I went by high thc, high yeild and cos I liked the look of the buds lol


Been a few weeks ,pictures now with the scrog from @kabongster design, thanks brother


Moving day for the girls, into their new 5 gallon fabric pots

Here’s how it’s looking in there right now
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wow man! barely even 4 weeks and they’re looking nice and healthy


Thanks brother, I’m pretty pleased with them but my sister is taking the credit for those 2 lol but I look after all of them now


Wow, awesome job @daz49… You look backed up and stacked up with plants… Botanical gardens here we come!


Thanks brother, the oldest and biggest, top left is goldys clone, then a good month behind bottom left, is the super silver haze and the other 2 the youngest are a good month behind that, and 2 scrog and 2 not, if you have covered my last 2 grows I’m really interested to see how they are all going to fit in here but I’m sure gonna have fun finding out