Strawberry kush 1st ever weed grow


10 gallon pots, fox farm ocean forest soil, fox farm nutes, RO water, rh 45-55, temp low 73 high 80, 4 1000 watt mh set to 75 percent, 18-6 light schedule, water every 3-4 days Cal mag always, nutes every 2nd or 3rd watering, pH is between 6.3 and 6.8 every time going in. Run off pH is 5.86, 12 plants total bought from Robert Bergman all popped at the same time and today is day 68 from the time they broke through the soil. 3 plants are doing amazing, 3 are weak and wimpy and the rest are some where in between. I had a few with def issues I corrected but some are strange and I need some of your thoughts on them.!


Best plant




3 wimpy plants


Are those cone shaped tomato cages? Get rid of them. Once the plant gets bigger your won’t be able to get them off. For me, the lower branches grow through the cage and rest on the rings. Then when they get heavy … they break off from the main trunk.


Was planning to put my scrog wire on top of those cages. Still gonna veg another month before flipping to flower.


Ah, ok then. Disregard my comments. SCROG is something else altogether. Last year I lost several large branches to the bloody tomato cages outdoors.



They look as if their on a " NITROGEN HIGH "
Here is a pic of Nitrogen


and the fact that your P H is down and that’s not helping at all. And you very well me be over feeding them also. Should be 6.4 - 6.8

I would do a flash and no more nitrogen or very, very low dosage


I took your advice and did a flush today and got the runoff pH back to just ubove 6. I’m hoping that cures the yellowing of some under leaves as well, the 3 wimpy plants were lacking some micro nutes but could also been suffering from the pH issue also. Now it’s a waiting game.



Good job. and yes I sure your going to be good to go here in a few day’s but don’t be surprised if you have to do it again…a flush. But we’ll see.
Please keep me posted…ok



Nice room man very clean


Going all out on your 1st one go for it happy growing


Thank you, I’m a residential contractor by trade and that is a fresh build 2x4 walls insulated, hepa cleaned before the grow and painted. 12’x16’ room 9’ tall ceiling


I wish I could get me something this big that would not make my power bill jump $400


Beautiful grow room!


This just popped up


Hey, you’d asked about the size of my Gold Leaf in my thread, but it looks like you deleted the post.

The SCROG width x length of that plant was about 18" x 24". SCROG net was 12" from the top of soil (which I’d changed because originally I was 24" from the top of soil). I vegged for 75 days because I had to leave my sprouts during a wildfire evacuation. They got root bound and took a while to recover. I harvested GL 60 days after flipping to 12/12. My other plant is still maturing. It’s possible I could have gone as long as another week on GL, I think, but she appeared to be done maturing for a while, and I had brown pistils really early.

Hope this helps.


Some of your pics looks like you might be overwatering as well… :wink:
Over time that will start to cause major problems. … :wink:
Lookin good tho…

:v: :sunglasses:


@nostril thanks for that info. I’m cautious posting on people’s stuff idk why just am.
But your info is very helpfull.
I plan on putting my 3’x3’ scrog wire on top of each one of these plant cages, pics show current sizes. I lst hardcore and the main stem looks like a corkscrew now lol. I plan on vegging for 90 days plus, I’m very patient and hoping for a pound per plant, 3 of those plants I know will not even come close to that number but I got hopes for the rest as long as I can get them back on track. I keep searching for other peoples threads with lofty goals because I never stop wanting more info. I spent a couple years researching before actually attempting this grow and this is my first year grow but with tons of pre-planning involved. I have a couple friends irl that consistently pull 1lb or more per plant indoors. I’ve got a lot of cash wrapped up in this investment and will go bigger next time. To me this is a small grow to start with,$7,500 upfront cost not including electricity throughout the grow approx 6 months plus. Not pictured is my constant airflow inlines, exterior mounted controls for the environment and an app to monitor it all on my phone.


If your only using one 1000 watt light , that’s alot to ask for , especially in soil… I will send good vibes your way and hope you accomplish your goals … are your friends getting that lb out of 1 or 2 plants under one 1000 watt light?
I will tag you to my thread if you would like ?
I’ve recently been able to get over 2 lb’s with a 600 watt hps with 6 plants in a 3’ x 6’ scrogg table with my diy rdwc totes with built in chiller…
After a year of getting everything dialed in… but before that I was only able to accomplish 3/4 of a gram per watt in soil in the same environment… :wink:
It looks like you have the perfect set up , but you might need more lighting once you go into flower… :wink:

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