Strawberry Fields Forever


Here is a Strawberry Kush from ILGM. It was grown up under 48" T-8 Home Depot lights (6400k I think…blue) on an 18/6 cycle…then it was moved to my flower tent under 48" T-8 (with a 6400k and 3500kmix)…she started flowering at 7 days from the 12/12 switch and is now 67 days into flower “after” the initial seven day…WAITING!!! :slight_smile: I’ve had some samples from other seeds already and LOVE it but, I’m going to try and have more patience for a more “amber” trichome!


Simply put…Beautiful!!


Looks good, some real nice coloring there. How was the smoke. I just took down 2 of these and one was a fast finisher under 60 days and the other was mainlined. Smoke on both are excellent :+1::v:


She’s still growing…I can’t wait to try it…I’ve even been practicing enough restraint to jar-cure for a couple weeks! I’ll update with “my” results lol


very nice looking buds @PlymouthFarm


Amazing work!


Nice I harvested ilgm strawberry kush on my last run and it tastes so good. Yours looks awesome. :+1:


Nice job . They are going to taste great ! @PlymouthFarm


Really beautiful colors, nice job!


Wicked that definitely a strain i need to get


Enough amber??? I think I’m going to harvest today…two weeks of flushing and hasen’t been watered for a little over two days!


Yes that looks fire dude. Definitely night night meds


that looks like some KO stuff there @PlymouthFarm
i like mine on the heavy amber side…lol


Exactly! I like the “night night” meds lol


Wow, you’re definitely going to get some couch lock with that.


An example of perfect work


That looks nice i would be too mate good one :point_up:️!!!