Strawberry cough

I have 2s strawberry cough plants that have some sweet buds on them, however, almost all of the pistils are amber now and these plants still have to go through
to August 15th for 10 weeks of flower.
They are nice and sugary ooooooh and they smell sø yummy.
Don’t they lose potency or something?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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If you are basing harvest time on recommended flower time from seed company, that’s just a general guideline. Really doesn’t matter how long they have flowered. I see @oldmarine has linked a video on when to harvest. You will need to get a jewelers loupe or a small digital microscope and get a idea on trichome coloration. Highest level of THC is when the trichomes are 100% cloudy. The more amber they become the more sedative effects will increase. Welcome to ILGM forum and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.


Pictures will help

That video was perfect. It was exactly what I was looking for. OohRah Old marine! My grandkids are being raised by 2 Marines. We finally brought the son in law around to our way of thinking about bud. He used to say I was a criminal because it was illegal.
A few months ago he said that when they legalized it here I could have a lil plot for growing.
They legalized it here in NY 3 days later haha.
They live 20 miles from me, I’ll just do it here.
I was going by the “package” suggestion, yes. The last time it was suggested 10 weeks and I pulled them a lil early and it truly seemed “too” early. I have a lil microscope thing and the trichomes are heading to the cloudy stage.Thank you both for your input.

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