Strawberries In The Grow Box

My Version of today’s POT PORN ! Warning this contains pictures of a naked lady in her bedroom ! LOL

I look at her every day and did not really appreciate how much she has changed in just a couple days. The pics from four days ago are way different. Can’t wait for next week!


Lol :grinning: I really like your humour @TxGrowman… Your crops are looking very healthy and :heart_eyes::tongue::eyes::wink::+1::ok_hand::v: lol…


Flowering Day 18

As I was doing my daily physical on my lady, I noticed something that I did not see yesterday. I have multiple buds growing up and down the stems of all my main stems. I AM STOKED ! She is really doing well and just a stinkin’ to high heaven.

Tomorrow I start feeding every two days at 800 ppm. She is using water at a accelerated rate and gets dry really fast. Trying to get a drop light in there to help them develop more but I am starting to get a little crowded. Still want it in there to increase the yield.


Flowering Day 19

Fed and watered today. She still is looking good and healthy. First day of watering and feed every two days. Trying to safely get another light in to help with the lower branches. Will keep working at it.

Now to patiently wait for her to do her thing. Have to keep reminding myself - Patience. Am completely out of smoke and I need some to get me through the next few weeks.


Flowering Day 20

She is still doing well and really stretching up. I have had to move the lights every day or two the last week.

I am trying something new for feeding my lady. I was feeding every three days and increasing my ppm slowly. Recently, water consumption has gone up markedly.

I was going to feed every four days and water in between but decided that I might keep the ppm to <800 and continue to feed every two days with bloom food (pH perfect Sensi-Bloom A&B, 0-10-0 bloom food, Ca/Mg and golden tree). After a little research and some advice, I decided to go with feeding every two days with low ppm. So far (second feeding) no problems have arose. I am watching very closely. The first signs I see of distress, I will flush and go to a more conventional watering plan.

As always, I make sure my pH is 6.4 - 6.5 on feeding and measuring my runoff at 6.5 - 6.8. When I feed, I am making sure that my runoff is 15-20 % of my input. Have increased from 10-15% to 15-20% to make sure I do not get salts developing to damage the roots.

The plant seems to be thriving and continues to grow like crazy. It is flowering rapidly and developing buds at a rate I have not seen before. This is the first time I have grown Strawberry Kush so I cannot compare grows but it seems to be doing very well. Will keep a close eye on this. Jerry


Flowering Day 21.

Fed her today but was really late. Kept the ppm low as I have planned and the leaves look awesome. No burn or any signs she is distressed. Left out the Ca/Mg as I am not seeing where she needs it all the time. Maybe every other feeding. I am not sure if anyone else is using Golden Tree (0-0-2.25) but I think it making a big difference in my grow. I have never seen a plant so green and willing to grow. I have used it from the first feeding and have never seen any problems.

Have been at doctor’s appts since 0730 and then my grandsons came to visit. Was 3:30 when I finally got a chance to do her daily physical. LOL She is looking fine with many new buds on the stems under the canopy. Cannot get a light set up yet for the lower buds that are covered up by the canopy but have an idea. If I can’t do something soon, I am going to loose yield.

Think I have a plan but have another set of medical appts tomorrow and will not be home until at least 1200. Going to Home Depot tonight shopping for supplies.

Will keep you advised. So far, so good ! Ya’ll take care. Jerry


I have been using golden tree for my plant as well and she seems to be very bushy and always growing no matter what. I am going to try to do a side by side with golden tree with my next 2 I have started.

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What strength are you using it at? I am at 2 - 2.5 ml/Gal during the flowering. Just wondering. The manufacturer said to use up to 5ml/gal and titrate down when you notice burn. I am not going that far, if you have burn, it stops or slows the plant’s growth. I would rather let her go on a smaller dose. It seems to be working well for me.

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I have been using at 5ml during flower and I haven’t seen any burn or anything for what I have seen so far. Could always slowly increase it till you notice it discolour on the tips. I would imagine the plant will love the golden tree during flower just because of the potassium boost.

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My thoughts too on the increased potassium. Was surprised when they said it would work well in veg but it SURE DOES ! Might try to boost a little more next time. I am keeping my ppm low as I am feeding every two days, which may or may not work. It seems to be doing well so far. I also have some Jamiacian bat guano which is all for flowering. It is supposed to make it taste better when you smoke your harvest. Go figure, Bat Sh** making a better taste ! lol


I was surprised they said that to lol. Did a double take after reading that one. Had to be Jamaican bat guano, such a fitting place for it to come from. Means it must be great lol.

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Flowering Day 24
Looking good and still growing well. Got a pic of the stems and the buds growing there. Almost want to trim off some upper canopy leaves to let in more light ! Fed this AM. The grow pot was as light as a feather this morn and it took a lot of water to cure her thirst today. Might have to add a little pH’d water every morn to keep her going. Am a happy camper as she is looking good. Jerry

Starting to see Trichs ! Closer look and I am getting a little burn at the very tips. Couldn’t see it with my eyes. Have to back off a little on the nutes.


Flowering Day 26

Doing well still. Gave some pH water only today. Gonna hold up for a while on nutes and only water today and tomorrow. Had to LST a couple lower branches as they crawled up into the canopy. Am impressed at the buds running up the stems and the canopy buds are getting bigger. Overall happy now. Wish I had some of this to smoke. I had cut many sugar leaves off and dried them out just to get a taste of something. Not bad, a little green tasting but did give me a buzz! Got a feeling this is going to be a good crop! Jerry


Flowering Day 27
Getting a little lighter in the upper canopy around the bigger buds. They are looking a little weak and might have a little problem with Ca. Am going to add Big-Up (0-33-23) tomorrow with feeding as well as some Ca/Mg to the Sensi-Bloom.

Pics today:



Flowering Day 28
Upper flowers are still looking a little lighter than the lowers but still good. The light is up another inch and am slowly getting to the top of the grow space. Going to LST a little tomorrow afternoon after the last Comp and Pen eval.

Fed today with the standard food I have been using and decided to leave the Big Up out of the solution for now. I want to get a better idea of finish time before I start it. It is only two doses at 3 and one week before finish. The box smells like I believe heaven will. Till later, Ya’ll stay safe. Jerry


@garrigan62 Good talking to you my friend. Can’t wait to see your experiment with the auto’s ! Stay safe and Happy.

Shame on me for staring but she’s just so darn purty! How did you handle your possible leaf burn? I had the same problem and was adviced to not feed everyday as I was doing, and being a good little farmer, that’s what I did. Looks like your gonna need a wheelbarrow at harvest time!

Flowering Day 30
Got some WW from a friend I graduated college with. Will keep me happy for a while.

After watching the Hydrosoil video on you-tube, realized that despite not knowing about it, I was doing part of it ! Despite a current problem of Ca deficiency, the plant has been growing awesome. Guess I underestimated the Ca use by the plant in flowering. More likely a Hydro or coco instead of soil problem. Then I realized that the amount of water I have been running through the pot may very well have brought on the deficiency. I flush so much fluid through the plant the soil is more like a hydro media because nothing stay in the pot around the roots for long. My soil does have a higher percent peat and the fact that I use Air Pots to grow in allows for rapid drainage of the soil. I have noticed that my water use has been way higher this grow since the pots.

I added Ca yesterday and it is starting to look better already. Tomorrow is feeding day. Gonna stay on the method I have been using with watering every 2-3 days with large amounts of water and feeding it at 800-1000 PPM. Despite this current set back, I believe in it.
When I get the grow done, I’m going to use this for my grow plan.

OKAY, time for some Pot Porn for today. Got a little risque today and sending some “Under the Skirt” shots !

Not bad for 30 Flowering days old ! Hope this doesn’t make me a pedophile ! lol:grin:


Super @TxGrowman, very nice and healthy looking :+1: :ok_hand: You seem to take good care of her :grinning: Very nice Canna-porn-pictures :wink: bad boy you are, lol :sweat_smile: :wink: :innocent: (So am I :wink:)

Keep the good work buddy :+1::ok_hand:

~Al :v: :innocent:

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Flowering Day 31
Fed and watered today with 1 gal at pH 6.4 using only Sensi Bloom A & B and added Ca/MG. 3780 ml in, drained out 1600 ml. A little more out that I usually get but it was really not dry and I did need to get Ca/Mg in there today. Have some deficiency in Ca and want to get it taken care of ASAP ! The good thing is that I got a good flush and the Ca/Mg in today. It started looking better yesterday. I put Ca/Mg in 3 days ago. Afraid I stunted it a little but the lower leaves and flowers seem to not have lost anything although they are a little purple. I have some awesome bud growth on the stems underneath the top buds (pics last post). This is going to be a good grow if I can get her through my mistake on the nutes (Explanation in last post). Ya’ll have a great day! Jerry