Strawberries In The Grow Box

I’ll pray for that every thing is gone a be OK for you, Jerry … :pray::innocent: Come back soon :slight_smile:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Best wishes and tons of hope for good test results.

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@Willd @Niala Thanks for your wishes. They gave me a reprieve today from the tests, the machine broke and it will be midnight before it is fixed ! ! They gave me a choice of staying the hospital or going home and come back tomorrow. That took all of five seconds to answer that. Told 'em “See ya’ll at 0630 tomorrow” and got out of dodge.

I got weed at home that needs smoking ! ! I REFUSE to go into these tests un-medicated, it involves closed spaces and I do Terrible in enclosed spaces unless I am medicated ! A friend gave me a gram of ATF (Alaska Thunder F*** ) as my pre-op sedative! Gotta admit, it did awesome on me today. Gonna repeat that tomorrow AM.

My pre-op sedative is still making it self known. About as relaxed as I could possibly be !

Ya’ll take care ! Jerry


Hey Jerry, I know exactly the feeling of the claustrophobia cause by IRM scanner, I went through a live scanning, voxel by voxel scan with the helmet like this

Every time that I had a cluster headache crises, that is each 3 hours and that for 4 days…

Luckely, it was a test to see how cannabinoids are working in the brain, so I was permit to vape now and then before entering the machine, however, the testing was for CBD more specificly and one over two scan I was not permit to vape… Anyway, just to say that I perfectly understand a part of what you’re going through and, @TxGrowman, go with edibles and sneak to take your dose if you’re not allow, like I suspect, to vape in the hospital you went and gone a go tomorow…

I’m still praying for you my friend :pray::innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:

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Managed to get through the biopsy still relatively healthy. Am sore but O/W OK.

Checked some of the drying S. Kush today and it is dry enough to put in curing ! Am getting all of it out of drying today and starting the curing process. Have all my jars waiting anxiously to do their job. Can’t believe it is dried that well already. Guess I learned another good thing to do on this grow. The grow box worked better than I thought as a drier! Overall this grow has brought a lot of my growing theories together and they are working well. I am looking forward to getting into the tent and mainlining the Gold Leaf ! Ya’ll take care. Jerry


Good, take a good rest my friend and take care of your self, sir, :wink: :innocent: :+1: :ok_hand:

I will follow your Gold Leaf growth with great interest :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:


Tag me in the gold leaf mainline. I have some experience with that technique, if you need anythin holler brother

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Got half of them down and into curing ! Still have 6 more buds to strip and get into jars. Can’t do it today, my wife is having guests tonight and it was really smelling heavily in the house when I got done with 6. I can wait, they are not that urgent. I can wait a day. Cannot believe the stickiness of the buds, better than my previous grows. Good yield. This is some great pain med.

Tested some of the dried and uncured, am very pleased with the high and the taste. Taste WAY better than the microwaved bud.(No Kidding !) Cured is gonna be great. Has an almost sweet aftertaste ! Jerry

@Hawkeye_diesel @Niala Will definitely tag you when I get underway !


I am glad to hear that you are very happy with the products of your harvest, that’s great news my friend :grinning: :+1: :ok_hand:

Instead of the microwaves fast dry process, did you did go to the double heat oven processus ? @TxGrowman

Thx bro that I hope to…just a 10g if her give me I will be delighted :joy:… I have a question :)… For what is that carbon filter… [quote=“TxGrowman, post:2, topic:8934”]
Ventilation system: Size: 4 "
Sorry for posting here… :joy::joy::joy: that is my first quote

I am interested, what is the double heat oven process ? I wasn’t particularly enamored with the the microwave process although it did work.

Ok Al, you’ve been holding out on us?

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Final Weight:
(At least as close as I am going to get, I am using about 1 gram a day for medicine while it is curing. The buds are pretty dry now and just getting the aging going!) My final weight is about 60 grams or 2.1 oz.

I am happy with that. I had more fun on this grow than any other grow before. It was not as hectic as usual. Kept on top of the pH pretty much and it paid off. Had a great veg. The leaves were as lush and green as any I have ever seen. It was a very strong plant.

Love the fabric pots and I will not grow with anything else now. Positive drainage, better pH soil control, better aeration. Outside vegetable garden is almost all going to fabric pots on the deck!

Did a few unconventional trims during flowering that really made things markedly better. Took a lot of sugar leaves off the top to allow light penetration and that worked well, the under buds on the stalk were really healthy and filled in well. I tried LST and could not keep them back so I just took 'em off. Did a lot of LST this time and the plant really looked it in shape. The buds were all separated and got good light exposure. actually did some supercropping of the branches and that did well also.

Overall happy with the entire grow. Met my expectations and that is all that counts. Jerry


Hey @TxGrowman how old were your plants when you took the leaves off the top. Would you recommend that anytime in veg?

Nice weigh in. Good to hear. Hope to hear about your good lab results soon. :sunny:

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I was several weeks into flowering when I took the sugar leaves off. If you look at the grow. I never took a lot of leaves off at a time. The buds down the stem were not getting light and not growing as I wanted them to. When I trimmed a set, I always made sure that I never took off all the leaves to one bud so it still had sugar production to grow. I routinely top and trim in veg although I did very little to this plant. It was small in height and I just let it grow.

Usually when I top and trim I wait until there are atleast 5-6 families of leaves. Those leaves are usually the 5 and 7 finger leaves. Do not count the round baby leaves on the bottom as a family of leaves. This makes for a stronger and more sturdy stalk that supports the buds.


Thanks @TxGrowman I was thinking about trimming some leaves off the top of my plants to get more light to the other tops but I’ll hold off on it probably till late in flower like you. Thanks again😉

Like I said, what I do is not normally what is done so I can’t recommend it, I have just found that it works for me.


Now there are some more great words to live by Jerry!


Have been appreciating Robert’s genetics in the SK. My Final count was about 2 oz and it only got better as it aged. Hope it continues that way. I had a lot of smaller buds but that was by plan. Next grow is going to get a good length veg and flowering. Want some monster cola’s to smoke.

I have been using about 1/2 a gram on most days with the occasional 2 gram days (thanks to wifey) ! Have been mellow and, now that I am out of the hospital, happy with the situation. AGING (Curing) means everything for quality of smoke. Much better high after a month of curing. Ya’ll take care. Jerry