Strawberries In The Grow Box

This is a second grow going in my homemade Grow Box. Really glad I built it, it will likely be around a LOT longer than me. Got me a Strawberry Kush plant growing from a seed that I got from Robert a couple years ago. The seed popped in <30 hours and now is going crazy 35 days later. Just went to flowering today. It was a little quick but I REALLY need something to smoke and I don’t have the cash for a buy. I think it will be fine but I would like to let it veg more.

I am impressed with Robert’s seeds and the fact that all my seeds are doing so well. I keep them stored in a lock box with controlled temp and humidity. Cannabis seeds are a LOT more hardy than people give them credit for. Just have to take care of them. I am going back to my buddy again and getting some more of the old Columbian seeds while I can. He offered me more seeds and I believe I’ll take him up on that offer. Isn’t it great to have friends like him? We have been friends since second grade. And that was WAY MORE than 40 years ago.

I will put in a grow list as soon as I can.


What is the strain and type: ILGM Strawberry Kush, Fem

Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)? 17"d x x18"w X 48"h (Inside dimensions)

Soil or Hydro? MG Soil in Aero-Pot grow bag

pH: Of the soil or medium run-off: 6.4-6.5 water and nutrient mix. Run-off: 6.5

Type and strength of nutrients used: For Veg: none Flowering: pH Perfect Sensi-Bloom 400ppm 1st feeding

Temperature: Day 76-78 vs. night temp 66-70 Highest 82 and lowest temps 64

Humidity %: 40 Day vs 45-55 night

Light system: Mars Reflector LED Watts: Actual watts drawn: 138

Ventilation system: Size: 4 " CFM: 190 CO2: n/a AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: n/a Open Room window at night to recirculate air and bring in fresh air. Keeps temps controlled well.

Number “weeks/days”: Vegetative Growth: ~ 30 days Bloom/flowering: 1 day

My homemade Grow Box is out of 1x2 and 1x4 framing and 5/8 " interior plywood that is painted white on the inside. Door is across the entire front of the box and has weather stripping around it. All holes for cords and hangars are as small as possible and the excess after covered with extra strength duct tape that is easily removable to change lights, etc. Next one is going to have fitted plugs that I found in the hardware store that are self sealing.

The bottom left side has holes that are covered by a filter that allows for colder air from near the floor to be pulled in and the exhaust fan is centered 10" below the top on the other side to take out the hotter air. I put a clothes dryer fitting on the outside to make the disconnection/connection of the exhaust fan easier to use if it is moved to another area.

Four holes on top for canopy hangars for lights, fans, etc.

The bottom has furniture casters on it to accommodate moving it across floors and especially carpeted areas. My lady is sleeping now or I would attach pictures. It was fun to make and actually have sold one already and he loves it. Wants me to plan a bigger one that is about twice as big for him. The dimensions on my Grow Box are for going into closets without having to tear the door frame apart.

Ya’ll Take care and be safe. Jerry


Sounds nice @TxGrowman
Can’t wait to see pics bro
And yeah friends like that are great :+1:
My boy gave me 200 gorilla glue seeds a year ago :grin:
Happy growing brother

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All Right, Picture Time. Finally got some pictures taken and time to send them out. The first one is my homemade Grow Box

Plant before starting Flowering.

After two days flowering.

Another view after two days flowering.

I was surprised that it picked up so fast. I started it in a 3 gallon Grow Pot Aero Pot and it was taking a while to get the roots filled out. Looks like I changed it just as it was starting to get a good root system. It has picked up a couple inches all ready ! Used Sensi-Bloom pH perfect 2 ml of each and 1 ml of Golden Tree which I have been using for the last several grows. It seems to fill out the leaves faster and makes it grow faster.

My first experience with Grow Pots and it seems good so far. They are easy to work with and drain great. Got them on-line and am happy with them.

I SHOULD and WANTED to have waited a while longer in Veg but as always, my wife seems to have a nack for scheduling stuff without telling me and we are going to visit for several days at Easter. Hopefully I can get it in before that. It is looking great so far. Will keep posting on it. Jerry


Very nice set up your working with my friend and the lady looks very healthy and happy
I use the smart pots as well work great :+1:
And wives are great for surprises :wink:


Today is Flowering day 5. Plant continues to grow quickly and I had to move up the light a little this AM. I am impressed with the new growth. I picked up another inch or more in the last two days. Started LST yesterday as I want to keep some of the stronger under top canopy flowers. All the growth is looking good. Believe that I am going to increase the dosage of nutes tomorrow. I am figuring she will need more tomorrow, maybe the day after. Weight of pot feels good now. Also noted a little purple in the stems so I will add some Ca/Mg to the water. I already had to add some earlier during veg. Thought it was strange to add it so early but the plant responded well.

Does anyone have the same problem with the Strawberry Kush ? I know it is Ca deficiency as it went away when I added Ca/Mg earlier in Veg.

Starting to get a little smell on startup in the AM. May have to replace the filter as it is getting old. I have another one already but that was used once. Will check it and see if it is going to filter well. If not, Amazon Prime to the rescue with another filter. Later. Jerry


Flower Day 6 She is looking good but I am having a hard time with LST on the upper sugar leaves. I clipped them and now have 6 flowers facing the light with no leave interference. I know it is not a good time to trim in flowering but I think the risk is worth trying. I could not get the leaves to allow light to get to the lower flowers. I still have some sugar leaves on the top to feed the main bud on top. I saw a couple clips of minimally trimming the top leaves to get the lower buds some light during flowering. Thought I’d give it a shot.

Upped the dosage on my nutes: pH perfect Sensi-Bloom A&B 4ml each, Golden Tree 1.5ml and Cal/Mag 4ml in 6.4 pH water. The runoff was 6.55. I’m happy with that. I ran about 1gal through the 3gal Aero-Pot and got about 350 ml run off.

She is really starting to throw off stink now. Ordered a new filter from Amazon Prime last night and it arrived at noon today. Am going to put it on tonight before I put her to sleep for the night. Ya’ll take care. Jerry

Does anyone else have experience with Strawberry Kush and it’s smell ? This is my first Kush grow and if experience is any indicator, the stinkier the grow, the better the weed. At least that seems to be my experience. If that is true, this is going to be some Killer Weed. Thanks for anyone that can give me some input. Jerry


New Pics today. Turned off the LED to get a good pic. Plant is short in stature but has a lot of bud sites for a small plant. Still not needing water today. Most likely tomorrow. The growth is green and lush. As you can see, I took off the top sugar leaves to allow the buds underneath to develop. I know it goes against convention somewhat but I wanted to get more than one good nug out of this. I wanted to trim earlier but is was small and I let it grow some more. There does not seem to be any stunting from the trimming so I am happy so far. Later ya’ll ! Jerry


Flower Day 9. This plant is the most green and lush I have ever seen ! The trimming of the sugar leaves did nothing to stunt the growth. YEA ! Fed her today and took a pic. Increased the nutes to 3/4 strength and full next feeding (3 days). The Golden Tree seems to be doing it’s thing again. Water intake has increased. May water between feedings, not sure yet.

Took over a gallon before I got significant return. Love the Aero-Pot that I am using. Drains well and the roots seem strong.

Also: Was discussing with someone, can’t remember who - guess I’m getting old), about humidors. I got this one about 4 years ago from Amazon. I stashed some just to see how long it would hold the flavor and it was great after 7 months! It has a strong 3 point latch system, an excellent seal and a holder for Boveda packs. I use 62% rating. Works really nice for keeping well cured cannabis for a long time.


@TxGrowman that is a serious looking indica! Very good genes bro :+1::smirk:I hope the best for your grow! Looks so beautiful


Flower day 13. She grew up about an inch and a half last night while I was sleeping. The flowers are much more visable now. Watered and fed yesterday. Using water faster than last week. I waited three days between watering and she was parched. Guess it it time to supplement water in between feedings.

I never used flowering supplements well in the past. I always ended up burning them. Have been increasing PPM and now want to try adding some this time. Going to do a little more research on the right one to use for early flowering.

This is the Canopy this AM.


Awe man hate to see stash box so empty :confused:
Nice stash box


The box is awesome for curing! I have a bigger one that holds up to three Oz at a time. Was a present from a lady friend.

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Flower Day 15.
Awoke this morn and she was bone dry. No show of dehydration on the leaves yet so I was in good time. Is using water at a greatly accelerated rate now. That’s a good thing. Increased nutes today and added some Ca/Mg and 0-10-0 Bloom to the mix today. Gotta love that pH Perfect, I added all the nutes and the pH was 6.5 on the dot.

Feed today was: Sensi -Bloom A&B - 5ml each, Golden Tree 2ml, Ca/Mg 3ml, Humboldt Bloom 3ml. Will give pH water on second day after nutes to keep it going and stretch the feeding to every four days. Will see how that works.


Flower Day 16
Got a unpleasant surprise last night, our electric went out and the house got the flowering pot smell for several hours last night. The first time my wife has complained on this grow. I have to keep the fan on 24/7 to filter the air and keep the house from smelling like a grow.

Opened the grow box this AM and was pleasantly surprised that it picked up a inch or so last night. The flowers are really starting to rock now. I am definitely going to have to water tomorrow, she is getting low on water already. Won’t need it today but definitely tomorrow. Going to switch from feeding every three days to feeding every four and water on the middle day. Moved the LED light up an inch or so. Am trying to get a drop light in the box for the lower branches. I have a 300 watt equivalent (78 actual watts) CFL in 2.7K. Might be tough, kind of crowded Used it as the only light for one grow and the plants came out OK, should add some boost to my current grow.


Flower Day 17.
She is doing really well today. Has picked up in size and flowers showing pistils. I am happy so far.

Went to lift the pot and it is almost empty this AM ! Gotta get some water in her ASAP. Am glad to see that she is growing so well. Seems like the height has increased from Wednesday considerably. Going to raise the light again today. Am taking the light up as slow as possible. Am trying to keep it short and seem to be doing pretty well. The bud sites are getting bigger and looking more like a flower now. Ya’ll stay safe. Jerry


@Majiktoker Got a question for you. This is the first time I have seen a plant eat this much water ! I fed until it was running off and two days later I have a totally empty fabric pot (I picked it up with two fingers !) I know I need to add water but was wondering if I can get away with feeding every two days? I was feeding every three days and no water in between but requirements have changed.

Should I feed every two days at a lower concentration or every four days with water only every second day. Appreciate your input ! Jerry

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If you feed every 2 days you should be fine as long as you lower the doses as OT would be givin more consistently @TxGrowman

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That is what I figured but wanted to be sure. Lower dose every two days. Appreciate the input. PPM’s at about 800 ?

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Yea that sounds right brother, and my pleasure

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