Strange yellow spots

Plant is 2 weeks old and developing these well defined spots. Using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil and Bergman fertilizer packages [finished the Seedling stage]. LED growth lights/ Indoor grow. My guess is it’s a bug [mite/thrip?] more than a nutrient issue? Just sprayed with dilute neem. Any diagnostic help appreciated! ’


Kind of early to be using nutes with F.F.H.F. soil, could be that.


That did cross my mind, thanks. I’ll switch to water.The second plant does not have these markings though.

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Kinda looks like unusually vivid variegation. You should see “damage” from a bug where they bit or sucked. Check the underside at the edges or center of discoloration.

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It does look like intense variegation doesn’t it [very well demarcated etc]. Don’t see any bugs. I have years of experience growing veg from seed but this is my first cannabis effort so I’m a total newbie! The strain is Big Daddy Purple if that adds anything.

neem can burn your plants under sunlight. could also be splash burn if you hit the leaves while feeding. that does not look like damage from any kind of bug i’m familiar with (there are many and i certainly don’t know them all) but not mite or thrip. but i always suggest doing a bug check and this has to be done with a loupe or scope with at least 60x.

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Thank you. I have been really careful to not get water/nutes on the leaves. I’m struck by how symmetrical the pattern is–seems to suggest something systemic perhaps?

I’m gonna say tobacco mosaic virus. That center leaf vein yellow all the way down is troublesome. Just a thought.

that is definitely odd. keep an eye and see if it progresses- looks like some areas are really thin and you may get some holes? maybe someone else will chime in if this looks familiar. i’ve never seen anything like it. i’m not sure TMV is a thing in cannabis but if it is, this does not look like it.

Update on the weird spots:

I hit both the sister plants [only one affected] with neem, and kept in dark 24 hours to avoid burn.

I removed the affected leaves with sterilized scissors.

Stopped adding nutrients to their water given the medium I was using was already rich.

So far so good–plants look great and no new spots. I’ll update again later. Thanks to all who responded!