Strange White blemishes on leaves

Hi all,
Got a sativa seedling about 10inches tall, not auto.

Outdoor in seed-starter soil (temps around 20 degC),
take inside at night for extra light/warmth & to prevent triggering flowering.

Started developing strange white / yellowish bits on the leaves???

btw, those are support sticks in the soil as it was leaning over too much.

Any ideas on the white blemishes greatly appreciated!


Are the blemishes just on the lower leaves? Have they gotten water or nutrients on them? It doesn’t look like a deficiency to me but someone with more experience will chime in on this. :blush::v:


A little out of focus but it looks a lot like variegation to me. As long as it is otherwise healthy it may be just a funky looking plant.

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Wild. At first I thought something was eating it or making tracks put then couldn’t see that type of damage.

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Thanks for the replies.
It seems otherwise healthy.
The blemishes are mainly on lower leaves but higher ones also forming.
I havent applied any nutrients yet as its still small.
Here are some better pics - kinda looks like tiger stripes or as if a bird crapped on it.


Is it possible it may be some kind of parasite ???


Thats cool, if its healthy anyhow. Makes me think about the “freakshow” strain. Crazy looking mutations rock.
@Borderryan22 check this plant out.


Actually a virus I believe to be precise.

So long as it’s not the bird crap option. LOL
Those pics still look like variegation, which is pretty cool.
@PurpNGold74 @Covertgrower @Graysin @Myfriendis410 check this out. What do you think?


That’s very odd lookin. For now I’d assume it’s just variegation.


Yeah, hopefully it will have mutant levels of cannabinoids!

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Thanks all for the input.

As long the plant is usable & otherwise healthy I guess its not a big deal.

Perhaps future size may be limited as leaf photosynthesis efficiency may drop.

If it does turn out to be some kind of pathogen I’d be wondering, after harvesting, whist kind of heat would be required to render it safe for use, if at all ! :grimacing:

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If it is indeed variegation, it is harmless to consume it.

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My first thought was sunburn thru an overhead tree or bush.
Variegation will usually show more yellowish to light green ime.

More so like the pic.
And too it’s usually on only 1 or 2 leaves from what I’ve seen.