Strange Warped Leaves (ILGM Bruce Banner fem)

Hi guys-- I am several weeks into veg and one of my plants is exhibiting strange leaf characteristics. It has been this way since the first emergence of leaves in sprout stage and has continued with each new growth. They appear green and healthy but are warped in shape. The plant in question is one of 4 ILGM Bruce Banner fem plants in the same tent. No other plants seem to be affected. What do you think?

2x HLG 350R’s, 1x HLG 300, FFOF/HF + perlite, FF Trio

Plant in question (below):

Unaffected plant from same seeds, in same environment (below):


Normally when leaves twist weirdly, i suspect some sort of rootzone distress. But she looks happy and healthy. May just be a genetic mutation. Doesnt seem to be hurting anything.

If anything, these sort of oddities intrigue me. Id definitely clone that lady before flowering her out. May be some amazing smoke


Genetic anomaly was my first thought as well. Mutated plants deserve love too.


I see my plants show leaf curl only on the newest leaves, temporarily.
Are the Un-folding as growth stretches them out?
The big ones are flat and beautiful.
does the leave discoloration remain, get worse, or disappear?
Check on three leaves. SPOT them with fluid correction (liquid white) and see in a week
Tellus how it works

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The third pic up from the bottom it had signs of nitrogen toxicity with the dark dark green leaves and the curling at the tips of the leaves thats the only thing i see wrong here