Strange Ugly Bugs

Anybody know what these bugs are? They hang out on the stems. Also, in second pic, not in-your-face noticeable, there are drops of something wet. Anybody know what would cause a plant to drip on itself?


Thrips or spider mites btobget Captain Jack’s dead bug

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Looks to be called a glassy winged sharpshooter. It’s a leaf hooper bug. Captain Jack’s dead bug if that don’t work then a can of gasoline and a match. Sorry I h8 bugs lol


I agree with @Mark0427
Captn Jacks and if that doesn’t work, try Dr. Zymes. Is that an indoor or outdoor grow?

Indoor. We have 8 Gorilla Glue. These bugs are disgusting! I’ve been torching the fuckers!!

If it’s in a tent maybe consider a fogger.