Strange (to me) white spots growing on my flowers?

You guys have always been a huge help so I’m coming back once again with what I’m hoping ends up being no big deal :sweat_smile: I’ve had two ILGM Northern Lights growing in my tent for the last few months and so far the grow has been going great, they’re in 5 gallon pots filled with coast of Maine growers mix, watered regularly with a ph of 6.5 and some tiger bloom as well. The buds were, and are still looking great but when I got home I noticed these white spots on the tops of the buds, it doesn’t look like mold and aside from the the plants seem fine, so I’m wondering if this is normal, or just a strange but okay side effect? I appreciate the help in advance :grin:

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First three after trim 4th before trim.
Don’t know why but it smokes good taste good gets you high as fk.
Google says lack of chlorophyll. No real known cause. Happens more with blurples but can happen with other lights too. Google use to say if it happens to you that you are lucky because its better and loaded with trycs.

Oh don’t worry though grow it and smoke it.