Strange tiny plant?

Look what I spotted in the soil, I have no clue how it got there ??🤷or what it is🤷🤷here are some pictures taken from my phone tried to get a close up that is good enough and also from my scope too

BushDoctor coco loco mix with nature living soil, perlite, vermiculite and worm

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Definitely strange looking I haven’t seen one , not sure , let’s hear the community

In the pics it almost looks as it is another small pot plant lol. Wouldnt that be sweet get a batch of soil for plants water and another seed pop up and grow. Hmmm. The soil gods are helping u pit maybe. Thats kinda trippy.

Kida looks like a bull thistle:


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That’s what I thought too when I first spotted it, but after getting a closer look it just apparently appeared over night