Strange Stem and seed thing.. an den

Hey any and all!
I just got a new round going and 1 of my 2 plants came up a little weird and I am just curious if this is common and if it will sort out… 1 plant has come out of the earth just as it should, green and leafy, but the other is a brown stem with the seed on top. I haven’t seen this before. Will that drop off and become leaves like it should or is this one a loss?

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A picture would help lol

I get that. I am at work all day but will post a photo later… thanks for the response!

I would guess that the seed is stuck on the seedlings and you may carefully remove it

Good advice. Thanks!

often the half shell of the newly hatched seed will be “stuck” on the seedling.

not to worry…let it fall off…OR…IF YOU ARE BRAVE AND HAVE A STEADY HAND…remove with a needle.

:+1:thanks @Sirsmokes

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