Strange seedling sprouted next to plant?

So I have this plant j bin experimenting with using low table light n nutes here n there it’s over a month old but I notice this red lil thing that sprouted. Any Kno what this is I have this out nowhere near my plants

A focused picture would help :wink:

the thing in question is still out of focus :wink:

Could simply be a weed seed that landed in your bag of soil.
Dandelion seeds look kinda like what I see. It is blurry tho…

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Maybe a mushroom?

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@CMichGrower i was thinking that as well… but without a focused picture impossible to tell

Yea that’s what I was rhinkin too I kno its outta focused damn phones but it was a plant that was failig root lock n bad dirt n It a ? On what it is… I got 6 more going there looking great although my blueberry look pretty cluttered at 2 weeks what u tjink