Strange questions

How big of space do your plants take up?

i will measure the growbox/mini greenhouse im building atm. and tell you @dbrn32 . how do you calculate what you would actualy need?

i would probably also benefit from the heat a bit because the nights still get cold arround here in early spring.
just to toss a random question in here
what is the coldest a seedling would withstand anyways?

Not sure, have only grown indoors. You won’t need s lot of power to keep them in vegetation, just enough to trigger plant response. But you’ll need to make sure there’s enough intensity for that and have the coverage you need.

Bright white LED Christmas Lights? They have some without the fancy covers on them and I used them to light the back deck at my last house. It might take quite a few, but they are cheap and are designed to hook plenty end-to-end on one outlet.

Just not sure spectrum wise if it would do anything.

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sorry i just droped off the radar…
i finished two amazeing outdoor grows up in the mountains everything worked out perfectly, unfortunately i never went through with the idea i posed here.

so much changed, for me. we left our mountain paradise and went back to civilization, the reason was a little boy that needed more social interaction than what momy and dady could give him.

It only took me half a year to get my indoor grow going and im 3 weeks to harvest…

thanks for all your help with this strange toppic.