Strange questions

hey everybody
second post and I’m really amazed over the quick replies and helpful answers i got in the first post.
this one is a bit more complex and will include several questions. it’s more a feasibility study I’m conducting and im hoping to get some advice.
so here we go.
my situation is essential innorder to understand what i need. im living off grid in an very remote abandoned winter stay for the cattle.
it’s one hour walk from the nearest street there is no way in except by foot.
i have access to spring water and im having a 12v car batteries setup to provide for basic electricity.
the climate is very moist with moderate temperature.
i grow mostly in mother earth meaning outdoors directly in the earth (is there a term for this growing medium?). i have 4 pots the potting soil i mix it myself with different stuff from arround here and i ad some dolomite (CaMn) and some slow release npk fertilizer to all my growing sites. once flowering i use monster bloom on the ones that need. that the natural earth is rather acid i found out the hard way. lol. my grow is looking ok. i will post some pictures later.

now for my questions.

number 1; and probably the most urging one. harvest is coming up and bud rot as well. lol. I’ve read earlier that people use to wash their buds with water peroxide mix to prevent rot after harvest. my ladys still need a couple of weeks to get ready but they have some buds roting already. can i cut the affected parts and spray the rest of my plants with that same water peroxide mix to prevent bud rot?

  1. what low budget fertilizer would you recommend in my setup.

and 3. would be the feasibility study lol. im thinking about giving my plants a little heads up. so they have a month more of vegetative fase. for that purpose I’m thinking of making a little greenhouse with some led lights.
now for the unknowns.

1.are there leds that run with 12v car batterys that could be used for the vegetative stage?

  1. can i combine daylight with led light to reduce energy and get a good vegetative stage going.

any and all inputs are highly appreciated and if you know some member on this board that might be experienced in these topics don’t hesitate to tag them.

sincerely outdooring

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1 bud rot is cause by lack of air flow and high humidity the peroxide mix would help with wpm if your experiencing any of that as well
Spraying the buds with water now would only make the but rott condition worse
Best to remove the effected buds gently unfortunately outdoors theres not much you can do and should expect some loss
Washing aftet harvest will ensure you have a clean product to smoke once dried and cured
2 youd better off amending the soil before planting so you only need to water @garrigan62
Has a good recipe for that Hopefully he sees tbe tag and stops in
3) Since you sound like you have a small off grid power set up do you have a solar charger for the battery ? If so you can get a inveter and just use a standard light fixture
Most of the 300 w lef fixtures would draw around 120-150 watts so youd have to size everything up
Also you can use a t5 set up as well for veg tbey work well also would need to be sized for space amout of plants ect


I would think so. The h2o2 breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen, nothing harmful. I would think a light spray with the proper dilution can’t hurt.

Look into solar panel to recharge the batteries, and make sure it is a deep-cycle battery that will take the recharging.

Yeah, I guess, but why? With the issues of bud-rot, grow in an enclosure and make it an indoor grow. Light, fan, done.


You could run fans instead of a light, prevent rot, and you don’t have to change your screen-name :wink:

You could veg outdoors, but bring them in for flower. Only 12-12, so less drain on the batteries.

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High humidity is a bigger factor with bud rot even if you have fans if you have high humidity above 60 in your flower room you can experience bud rot

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Doesn’t the heat from the lights mitigate some of the humidity, as long as the ventilation is good?

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Hopefully this will help explain relative humidity for you guys
Warmer Temperature helps but doesn’t remove humidity

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strain unknow, smart pot, homemade poting soil

partially harvested due to bud rot, fimmed plain soil, unknown strain

durban poison, purple buds, plain soil, curently flushing

indica outdoormix. plain soil, few weeks to go

durban poison, green buds, plain soil, 2 weeks to flushing


strain unknown, plain earth

the unknown strain are due to lack of proper tagging


Boy …. we sure got our hands full here…lol

Man you sure are way out there for sure. If you could get some of that dark top soil out were you are that would be awesome and the next time your in town see if you can get some worm castings. The plants LOVE that stuff and it will never will harm your plants. If not then dig some up after it rains and put them around your plants. The roots follow the worms to eat their left behinds and as the root follow the plants grow big time. Very simple !


You can use an old tub and farm your own 'worm-tea"


You make it Sound too simple @garrigan62 thanks for jumping in here

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i wont have the posibility to build such a big space for the blooming fase.
so the idea of having some lights is in the very first stage of the plants just to give her a advance because the summers are not so long around here.
i will manage bud rot nothing i can do realy, its not my first grow. but i still have a lot to learn and thats where you guys come in handy :smile:


Well if you could score some t5 lights that would be real good for your starters
and should work off your batteries just fine


Well, a fan on those musty days definitely wouldn’t hurt since you have the electricity. I’m just tossing out ideas. Doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit if they don’t fit your plan.


Short answer is yes you can definitely supplement your lighting @outdooring
All depends on battery bank
What type of space are you working with
I onow many in the NE will start plants indoors in basement or similar space early to get the jump start on spring

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I agree t5 set up would probably be best option and low power usage

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I’m an indoor grower, and my lights don’t come on for another 10min. I usually troll around on here while I’m waiting to go play :slight_smile:

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@Whodat66 is correct. A fan in your case is just as important as your lights are. Please don’t for get that. ok

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i have my worm farm already. worm tea and worm compost is in production lol.

i realy don’t like the idea of carrying heavy earth an hour across the mountain :wink: i have it here.

i was thinking about perlite maybe.

edit: im getting some good top soil out of the woods. i miss read your statement

Perlite for good drainage can’t hurt with the humidity.

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