Strange orange hairs

Hello has anyone ever seen a nug do this before. Half nug is orange. Am I burning them? I’m using sensi bloom AnB also cal mag


Looks to me like it’s close to pulling in general, how close to the light is it?

Roufhly 16 to 18 inches lights at 80%[

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Maybe a little close but I wouldn’t have thought it would burn it , just the one cola ?

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Colored pistils once they recede is common. The most common color is brown, but you can get purple, blue, red, orange. I grew an orange barb strain last year and it had orange pistils.


I may need a sample for further analysis…

If one of my plants did that I’d be doing kart wheels

Haha that thing looks like it’s plugged into the wall …awesome


Oh no dought but just making sure not going south.


Yeah just the one is that intense. No body seems to worried about it really.

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Just the one cola yes. Also light is at 80%

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Sweet, maybe back the light off to 75-70 ? They look gorgeous by the way nice work! How long to chop do you feel you have left?

Two or three week like alot of amber.

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Nice :wink:

If ya start seeing newer white pistols grow then you’ll know it’s your light intensity(fox tailing)…if ya don’t see that then yea dude just wow :star_struck:

Thank you I will keep you updated fellas

Jeremiah Jones

The top of that bud looks dead to me. To me it looks like, (I think) the top has died off and dried out. I have seen this before in my own grow where an insect/bug or mold had killed the growing tip. I cut it off and found mold growing in there. (Was a hermi who had been out in the rain for a while)

Is it dry & dead or still growing ?

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Also looks like you have some nutrient burn on some of the leaves, but never seen that kill a while growing tip like that. Is that fabric pots ? Are you growing in Coco ?

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Did wonder if it was a catipillar

Me too wonder if that tip is dead. It looks way too different to be just color change as it is a perfect split line there. Id look further into that bud and see if it is looking like that all the way thru the bud. Looks like bud rot a bit to me.

I don’t think that is the case here. It’s still moist and no new growth. Most of them are turning orange. I am using fox farm soil with sensi bloom a/b I do the ph checks only thing I don’t really check the ec

I don’t know it’s not dry at all still moist a pulled one piece off and can see the stem in the middle

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