Strange orange egg looking things on top of soil girls doing great using booster system with two og kush seeds from ILGM

Nice looking garden :thumbsup:

This is my biggest garden I’ve done so far. I’m growing radish, carrots, onions, green beans (12 plants), strawberries (1st year), zucchini, bell peppers, multiple hot pepper strains (60 plants lol), multiple tomatoe strains (30 plants), multiple watermelons, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and corn! We also planted 2 grape plants, 2 blueberry plants, and 3 raspberry plants elsewhere in around the house. As you can tell, I love to grow!


He’ll yea man nice garden as well


Wow awesome garden


That’s a great garden, I grew up with a garden like that for Many years.


@Chuck1 @ktreez420 you guys make me miss my out door vegi garden BAD …you guys got it rite , looking good … Only one thig i like to see diff , ALL MJ INSTEAD .LMAO …i love large out door grow picts … makes me think , What If I could DO That …I GOT Dreams. .ive allways envied those folks like Robert B MAC G .Latewood George S and many others who get to to be doing What i love so much …if you had 10 acres of cannibus it still would be joy not WORK TO Manage ,it … to be able to walk around and see, look,and Observe the minute differs in the plants .colors … and to be able to look for the perfect gnome’s …IT Wouldn’t Be Work IT would be paradise on earth . PEACE Hammer


AMEN BROTHER !! Like to have about five acres for each haha


HIgh everyone! :slight_smile:
I see that you seem to have conquered your original issue. I have never seen that on a Cannabis plant before.

Nice garden. Look forward to seeing how you finish.


Thanx so much I haven’t seen any more on it since I removed it doing great
now tho ill keep you informed thanx again

Amazing farm!!!

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