Strange orange egg looking things on top of soil girls doing great using booster system with two og kush seeds from ILGM


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Those are caused by a soil-borne fungus. Suggest you call in the moderators for more information
-good luck


That’s bad news, in soil fungus can be beneficial or ruin things completley, id get fresh new soil an start again, most of the time fungus or bacteria grows in the soil it’s because it’s to moist


Fungus grows and spores rapidly,can cover your plants in unwanted fungus spores, I’ve never seen that type on my outdoor grows.
That soil looks wayy too wet/damp any how.
If your seed hasnt come up yet maybe you can save that seed.I’d get rid of that soil…
Orange is usually an unwanted , possibly unsafe.


The plants are allready two feet tall and looking great ??? Can I use the mold control I purchased from ILGM ? Will it work on that kind of mold ? I really hate to lose them don’t know if I have enough time to start new ones


No. Mold and fungus are completely different.

You need to get a fungicide, if you have a grow or gardening store, or even a big box store you might be able to find something or perhaps Google it and order it but I would get on it ASAP if it were mine. Again, I suggest you call in the moderators


Who are the moderators?


What kind of fungacides are good to use on my girls soil can I use peroxide and no harm them ?


The moderators are @MacGyverStoner @latewood

I would suggest you ask that question of the forum moderators before proceeding, good luck with the plant …and stop watering it for a while !


they look like what we call puff ball’s 2 kinds up here , slick skin "you can eat …rough or bumpy skin are poison … they root shallow . remove and discard at first sign of them … the soil looks wet too wet, they like Damp soil’s … if one of those matures itll turn a green brown powder with millions of spores . Hammer


found some more on this, there is no fungicide that will remove this from the Soil, It is in the soil and Growing, It is a natural occurance in decomposing mulch , probably unwantingly brought in by accident during processing. Try your best to dig it out and get rid of it Far away. Hopefully it didn’t get on your plant It thrives on decomposing material.Keeping it moist keeps it alive.


Thank you so much I did dig it out nothing this morning just checked it haven’t seen anything on the plants they are healthy looking so far. Getting a lot of rain lately and I’m trying to keep the booster in to so I may be watering to much gonna slow down I have a compost pile not far from the plants should I move them farther away ? Could that be where it came from I don’t put compost in my bucket


Is this an outdoor grow? In pot or soil? This fungus proly came from your mulch, another good thing is it proly isnt poisonous either but it could of screwed with with your plants. Lay off the water a couple a days and let the top dry off. Awsome plant, youre doin great


those develop from a spore not a seed … and spore can travel miles on the wind , don’t worry about your compost pile… just remove them form the area as you find them … thro away Down Wind . Hammer


Awesome thanx so much for the info you’ve all been so kind I look forward to more of you’re wisdom I didn’t know I would get the response that I got you guys are awesome


Whheet WEEEAAL , that’s me Whistling at your GIRL LOL she is looking great good growing Hammer


Looks great my friend! The whole garden does!


That’s just what I would do and if he does. Make sure all soil is cleaned off the roots and have a gal of water with 1 tsp super thrive one tsp root stimulate and one CAP full of nitrogen peroxide. P H 6.5 and be very genial



Thanks brother how you been


this is my vegi garden I grow one every year . Love growing things !! Thought you mite like to see the whole thing thanx again for the info