Strange looking top?

Same strain but I have one piece that looks gangly the rest are like little mounds. Is this bad?

They are always a bit droopy after naps in a few hours they will be reaching

Its all good. Different pheno. Are the leaves shaped slightly different like skinnier or fatter? Still always keep an eye but some buds start like that.

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Plants look stressed pretty bad.drooping That could play a part so def watch em.
Tip burn but i almost always get that.
You got somethong going on there. Or going off i should say.

They always droop with lights off

Yeah thats right
you siad lights were off. My bad.

I know it stretched like mad over the last 24 hours but looking at the whole plant closer most of it is growing like that. I’ll keep an eye on it.

It looks like one is just a little further into flowering than the other. Could be Something else going on, but I would watch for a bit and see.

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Im talking about the reverse taco look in pic 1
that says somethings off to me. Im no pro n not knocking you at all. But i see an issue there.
Otherwise they look good. Ive seen the tops your talking about n got one plant like that now.
Seed to seed will vary in which way it leans genetically.part of the fun in popping seeds. Clones should be exact

My leafs are curling in and down on them self on the tops. Outdoor grow in a sunny climate but in high 70s at the moment around a month and a half old small and string plants. Moderate beginner so i have no clue to what is happening this is new to me in the last three years its never happened.

Should I get it away from the others?

I’m going to wait till morning when she’s totally awake and get a whole plant photo in natural light. That will provide a true look at her. I almost feel bad for narking her out right after lights came on. PARANOID MUCH


I wouldnt get paranoid
Just keep an eye soon as lights on n before tgey go out. Look lower on buds too. But i think youre ok.

Like said above could be a little behind in flower. That happens with different phenos too. Some take full 65-70 days while another pheno of the same cross finishes in 55days

this is more likely whats up. I think dbrn32 is right
its behind the other

here she is today

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Again just after lights out ready for feed and water