Strange leaf mutation. Please help

So I got the USA mix and I started 1 of each maui, NYC, and La Confidential. All 3 are growing good, but the LA has grown 2 single leaf blades at the 2nd node and I cant find anything onlime as to why this happened and if its gonna turn out ok or if this one is gonna go in the trash.


It will sort itself out. Be patient.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve been searching grow journals and cant find any information on it.

@Costanza Plants have done all kinds of things and in the end its usually fine. :+1:

I had my seeds land in the toilet. I didn’t think they would grow. Oh boy was I wrong. I did change to fresh soil though as it was an interesting grow.


File It under “New leaf weirdness” and take a deep breath. It will be okay.

My Afghan is probably still only growing 1 finger leaves. She’s probably part basil plant. I’m confident it’ll grow up proper - somehow pot plants always seem to need a solid 4-6 weeks to just figure out how to grow properly, like they’re making up the genetic sequence as they go. :rofl:


I have a weird plant like urs have a look

For wat i seen on the internet its the wild ruderalis gene coming out


It won’t sort its self out mine didn’t sort itsself out

Its the wild ruderalis gene coming out is wat i found out

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That is also entirely possible. I’ve had odd genetics crop up as well.

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I have monster clones that did this.

After a 6 week veg, they started to produce their finger fan leaves again. These clones were taken from plants just after switching to flower.

A week ago



Thank you, this makes me feel better


I think what the mod was getting at is that statistically it is more likely to sort itself out. Yours didn’t, which sux. With all the discoloration there its possible your issue isn’t just genetic.

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Well all i know everything you see with that mutant of mine is how it popped up it never went that nice green it was always discoloured

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I had one like that last grow. She came up yellow and covered in green polkadot. She stayed yellow, and her leaves were tough as leather and weird…great hash tho!

Yah the leaves are like leather but did u get a lot bud from it

I had a Supper Skunk do that. It grew as if had been topped.

A couple of my plants are doing the same thing as well. They all seem healthy though.

Here is what she looks like today.

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Here are the other 2 which are normal

I turned the whole plant into hash and edibles. Got 10 grams dry ice hash and 3 cups of super potent cococanna oil. I never weighed her dry, she was fresh frozen.20210517_165901

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that’s actually what I had planned for half of the yield. I just bought a rosin press a few months ago, and am planning on getting a bubble wash machine so I can press most of it into hash rosin.

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