Strange Growths

Cloned one of my White Widow Autos. Beginning of summer I put it in a grow pot and put it outside in the sun. It grew to about 4" tall, then the top nodes developed these strange pods that I at first thought was males. Decided to see what those grew into. It began to look kind of ragged so I moved it into a tent I have on the back patio with a 1000W LED lamp. After a month or so it still hadn’t gained any height so I moved it into my grow room tent with the 1300W Halide lights. 4 weeks later, the photos show what it’s doing. Limbs have very shiny leaves and just one or two fronds per limb. The strange pods finally opened and it puts out those leaves along with what appears to be stigmas but those disappear and the weird leaves come out. It’s growing slowly but not looking like a normal plant. Not sure I should leave it to see what happens in case it’s some exotic disease or something. Any ideas?


No pro but looks like nitrogen toxicity to me. What are you feeding them and what atype of soil? @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @Oldguy @Bulldognuts see if we can’t get more help. I’d hate to steer ya wrong.

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I’m following just to find out…that is a strange looking plant

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Thanks for the tag, honestly this beyond my ability to really help. I’m going to set to watch so I can see what the others say :+1:

Looks like a reveg to me. Single leaves. Twisted new growth.

And herein lies the issue.
Cloning autos doesn’t work due to the cuts being the same age as the mom.
Their flowering times are predetermined.


You can’t clone autoflower plants. They are on the same clock as the mother and I’m guessing plant has expressed some genetics under conflicting signals. So it’s growing funny.


Yep, auto cloning + hot soil + heat stressed leaves + never heard of a 1300 Halide light

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Wow. Thanks for all the help. Yeah, it grew some then stopped then did this when it started growing again. Had no idea about cloning auto-flowers. I reckon the plant is headed for the compost heap, then. Just when I think I have it figured out, I don’t. :smiley: The Black Widow and Gold Leaf are kicking ass so I’m quite content with that.

Yeah there seems to be a couple things going on. The OP says he moved them under extremely powerful lighting… the leaves are taco shaped and dark green. They are being fried inside and out.

My eyes are just about shot and when I’m sure I read one thing it turns out to be another. The light is max 1000w, not 1300. I do, however, have it set at 1000w, 16/8 (for the Gold Leaf and Black Widow and two White Widow Autos from seed). Think that’s too high in an 8’X8’X4 tent? I just spent a couple days in the hospital because of a “mild cardiac event” so taking the grow pot out will have to wait until I can get someone to come do the heavy lifting for a few days. Since it doesn’t look like weed I’ll probably just move it outside and see what it does.

But, once again, thank you and all for the suggestions and help.


In reply to Bow4Buck, I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest for all the plants and Fox Farm Grow Big, Extra Strength, and Big Bloom during their various cycles. Those were great for the grows that I actually let mature and the finished quality was amazing.

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Oh boy… I really hope you recover, and feel better? That must have been terrifying for you? Seriously, big hugs and happy juju sent your way.

I have a bad habit of getting high and reading these forums. Completely missed the fact that they were autos in the very first sentence. :grin::grin::laughing::v: