Strange forming leaves

Found some strange leaf formation on my OG Kush girls the last week or so. Wondering if anyone has any clue? Seems to be flowering just fine. Had humid hot temps for the last week or so.

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Sometimes leaves grow funny. I have a few. Check for pests just in case, especially being outside.

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Hey thanks bro. I have never seen that before. She appears healthy and is flowering nice. Just wanted to be sure. Appreciate all the help.

They look nice. Bugs are bad. Lol

Thanks brother

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I wish I had started sooner for out doors.

It has been a long hot grow this year. Glad harvest is close.

I see the plant in the out of focus is burnt tips and edges, are you feeding these plants?
As tou see here my dope is about the same stage yet no burn.

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that bud is a month and ahalf from harvest yet! It aint close! I would be seeking answers as to why my plants are burnt because this will effect both quantity and quality.

Hey thanks for the heads up. I have been feeding but have had some rain and been off the feeding schedule a little. I have been on Fox Farm Trio all year. I was looking at a mid October harvest for these girls. Any thoughts on what she might need?

I would check your soil and nutrient ph

I sure will. I top dressed with some compost a few weeks ago. Might have thrown things out of whack.

at this point I wpuld scrape off the compost if it possibly may start a mold issue? Possibly home for rodents? See if you can find an organic granulated PK fertilizer? Feed the plants that every 2 weeks with a fairly big feed 3 weeks before harvest thereabouts. And no feed after that. Make sure you water with chlorine free ph’d water. If at all possible dig a sample of soil or if in pots collect runoff and check ph in/out and ec in / out.

Thanks so much brother. I have had some problems with these girls this summer. I was thinking the compost would help but now realize not the best move. I will get to work on them asap. I have a couple other girls that are in a greenhouse doing good. Don’t want to do anything to harm the entire crop.

Not trying to hijack this thread but I have one of my plants that is looking a little strange. The buds on top seem odd. The leaves seem very dry and curling a little. They are also on the darker side of green. She’s my oldest flowering plant and I’m not sure what’s going on.

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