Strains that Thrive in Desert Conditions

Hi, I was wondering what some of the more experienced growers on here might recommend to a beginner in Southern California as far as strains that grow well in the desert? I’m sure just about any strain will do if I keep on it with the watering but I was just curious whether there were any strains known to thrive in desert conditions.

You can look up the strains in the shop by climate and that show help ?

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Hey. There I live in the same place as you. Are you going to grow outside or indoors? I grow both, outside I’m growing big skunk and strawberry / blue
I made a flower bed with fox farm ocean and tilled I dirt. For nutes I use floranova grow and bloom . Inside I got blueberry. And bubblegum. I just now switched to flower. I have same stuff in 5 gal bucket. I have a T5 x2’ for starting and clones. The main problem is the high heat and wind. My plants are useing a gallon
Of water a day sometimes more. I have shade cloth around the garden. It’s six feet high so blocks most of the wind. The fox farm planter mix is about 16 bucks a bag, you might use something different I’m sure everyone has their own they like. Anything I can with just ask here there is some great guys here that know way more then me.

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I’m going to be doing an outdoor grow. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about heat as much with the summer fading but LA could have a few more heatwaves in store. I was kind of just wondering in general for the next summer. Great tips on the wind blockage - that was something that was definitely concerning me. I was thinking of going organic so Fox Farm Ocean sounds in order!

I would mix coco coir with that fox farm and 3 parts perlite .

Yes I do add the the perlite. I have never tried the coco. I try to stay simple.
Also if you live my way the water here runs a PH of about 7.5 that is to high for mj plants.
You need to keep it about 6.5. I mix my water in a 50 gal. Barrel, so I can keep it close all the time. Watch out when you add nutes to the water
It will change the ph again.

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Thanks for the advice! September’s a bit too late to start an outdoor grow here, isn’t it? I was planning on waiting until next spring or summer anyway but I’m just curious.

Well it all depends on what the weather does. I just transplanted one plant that I had started inside. about 1 1/2 months old so we will see. They are saying we will have a warmer wet winter, so that’s why I’m giving it a try. Good luck

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I’m new at it so I’ll play it safe but I hope all goes well with your grow. Thanks!

Have you seen Robert’s blog article here:

And yes, in the seed shop there are options, boxes to check, that will also help you find the right strain for what you are looking for.

Hope these help,


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Rad! I’ll check out his blog, thanks for the link!