Strains that do good in deep water hydroponic-DWC

Purple kush and Ak47 love DWC but i am trying power plant and it is very slow growing. Dose any one know of any strains that are good for dwc or stains that don’t like it ?


First, welcome.

Second, I don’t think there are strains that do or don’t prefer hydroponics vs non-hydroponics. Same with style of hydro grow. Most strains prefer more airflow, more water, more oxygen, higher quality nutrients. Maybe even all.

The difference you’re probably seeing is just strain growth in general. I have an autoflower that’s an absolute beast. I mean it grew up out of a rockwool cube and absolutely just exploded. I have other autoflowers who are the same age and are limping along with hopes of flowering some day.

Same with photoperiods. It may even have more to do with phenotype than the strain in particular. I’m not a genetics person so I can’t explain that one.

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How’s your setup. Do u have a water chiller the water being set to a certain temp will make a ton of difference. If it starts to get too warm then it will cause issues for the plant. I had recently switched from bubble buckets to coco as not having an expensive chiller to keep water cool made it rough for growing. Also if u don’t use it. Hydro guard works wonders for hydro growing.

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Try ducks foot auto from dutch passion

So I should try Another seed of power plant to see if it does better

No I don’t have a chiller just a Bubble bucket. What did the best for you in your bubble buckets?

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I only did 2 autos in them first one came out looking beautiful following @Nicky details as much as I could being new and freaked out on cutting this and that after reading about autos. Don’t be afraid. If he tells u do something do it it won’t harm the plant I was freaked at first but seeing the results doing a lollipop vs not doing it make a huge difference in buds size and quality. If u can get all down without having heated water issues I believe I’ll be good at growing whatever u want to grow. @Hydro921 does hydro style and maybe can be of help also. If ur bucket water heats up best I can say is have some frozen pop bottles ready to drop 2 or 3 frozen pop bottles into cool it down. Sux to have to keep changing bottles to keep it cool but it works. Don’t use anything that will melt in the water as it will jump the pH on u that’s why I say use water filled frozen pop bottles or igloo ice packs maybe


Frozen gallon jug of distilled water. Get 2x the amount of bubble buckets you have so you can rotate them as needed and not have periods of hot water. One jug lasted me about 6 hours and I never had temp issues at lights out, so I’d re-freeze both jugs at night. Use distilled because when the jug eventually breaks, it won’t harm your water/ph to have distilled leaking into the reservoir.

I used frozen water bottles at first but had to change out even 2-3 every couple hours. Gets old fast.