Strains, is there a better one

Which auto strain consistently grow bigger yields, just curious to see if everyone has different answer or their really is a better strain to grow with?

Yes it matters.

Genetics play a huge roll, not only from what strain but which breeder.
I’ve never grown ilgm because they don’t sell to Canada yet but all seeds have a rating on them.

Not everyone will have grown every strain so it’s a bit of a toss up asking people.
My biggest yeild to date was sensi seeds northern lights autos. Doesn’t mean it was the best bud but it was good and massive yeidl I got 10 oz, I grew it 3 differnt times

@Not2SureYet has grown 14oz + I believe.

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Did u use soil? What kind of light did u use? And I understand what your saying , I could get northern lights auto from 3 different seed banks and end up with completely different yields. But I will check out sensi seeds, thanks for your input.

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Critical purple from Heavy weight seeds. Always grows nice big plants. @bonnie1 grows them often as well. I believe she has more up can coming :grin:

@Nicky That 10oz from an Auto? Got pics of that?

I grew NL photos, past summer, from seeds here. Had one that gave me just under 16oz.


I do but honestly my 8.7oz one looks better here is the 8.7oz lemon ak 47 from fast buds

The northern lights was the 10oz it’s deceving and to be honest I just looked back I didn’t get a great picture of it so go to post 352 and go forward from there.


Look into Big Bud. Here is my Blueberry X Big Bud autos nearing end of harvest and the buds seem really dense and large. This is two plants visible.

I did a quick search and this is a top ten list of big yielding autos:

  1. Northern Lights
  2. Mazar
  3. Moby Dick
  4. Critical Kush
  5. Critical + 2.0
  6. Green Poison
  7. Big Bang
  8. Nevil Bilbo
  9. Pure Power
  10. Pineapple Punch


I think there are a couple lists out there and one would need to compare what all the lists say, but definitely northern lights has good potential.


Right and look at those that on appear on nearly all lists. Northern Lights seem, too. That is how I ended up ordering from ILGM as they and Seedsman appeared on all lists in #1 & 2 top positions. Now I am partial to ILGM as much for my seed success and quality of seeds but even more I can enter the forum’s Bud Of The Month contest being the ever competitive athlete I am. :rofl:


Ugh that contest is Awsome people win good seeds and the odd time I think swag. Unfortunately no Canadian sales yet as they are working to be a federal licenced producer I believe

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@Not2SureYet - omg all the plants look fantastic!! Great dense buds, beautiful! I’ve grown Big Bud photos a lot, didn’t know they had autos, I’ll have to try. Right now I have 2 AH almost ready, 1 Bubba Kush, 1 CP seedlings another seedling I think AH, and 1 afghan just popped (all autos)… the 2 AH are not as big as before this time, I don’t know why… your plants & everyone’s are gorgeous!

Ohh that critical purple is from heavyweight seeds? Ahhhh now I know why you want to grow it again haha.

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Ive bought 2 ilgm auto strains. Cheese auto and recently got bubble gum autos cause of Halloween sale they had. Im no expert and just stating my opinion and experience but u can get pretty big autos and decent yeild from autos but its ur job to not cause any setbacks or stresses before it decides to flower or itll be tiny going into flower. U have limited veg time and gotta stay on top till flower. Differ autos are capable of different max yeilds and sizes.

This was cheese auto. Like 4ft. Leaf damage was wind burn oddly and i didnt get to finish cause i had to move. But for having around 4 weeks left it was huge

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There are a lot of autos out there that can pull good numbers. These are are couple from my most recent grows. It is hard to go by advertised number from the breeders. The CP is said to be 450g while the TXXL is at 1000g As most know. I all comes down to how well the grow goes. For my big autos. I expect 10 - 12oz or better. Things don’t always go my way, but I try :laughing:

14oz Critical purple from Heavy Weight seeds

14oz TXXL from Lineagegenetics

My 12oz CP looks bigger than above. But was lighter over all

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