Strains for hot summers with high humidity?

Here in MD the average humidities are: For June: 79%, For July: 81%, For August: 83%, For September: 84%. Average high summer temps (F): For June: 85, For July: 89, For August: 86, For September: 81. I need suggestions on auto strains that will suit this high temp high humidity climate please! I currently have 5 GSC autos going so I think I shouldn’t have a problem contending with cooler temps/bud rot, but I want to do another batch of other strains and in that case would maybe not be planting those seeds till sometime in June. Would it just be smarter to forgo another batch due to contention with bud rot, or would it still be warm enough when I’d be harvesting (around September maybe?) thanks y’all any help is appreciated!

Sativa or hybrid will work. Or a
Sativa with a short flowering time.

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All marijuana strains should grow fine in your environment, but if you’re really concerned these are the ILGM strains that thrive particularly well in a Mediterranean climate:

Amnesia Haze
Bergman’s Gold
Big Bud
Blue Dream
Bubble Gum
California Dream
Chronic Widow
Durban Poison
Girl Scout Cookes
Gorilla Glue
Green Crack
Jack Herer
Northern Lights
OG Kush
Pineapple Haze
Purple Haze
Sour Diesel
Super Silver Haze
Super Skunk
White Widow

Edit: I just noticed you originally said autoflower. I’ll leave the above list of photoperiods just in case someone else needs to reference it, but will say the same as before:
All autoflower strains should grow fine in your environment, but here are the ones that really thrive in a Mediterranean climate:

Super Skunk
White Widow

If you think about where most marijuana grows naturally, your environment isn’t that bad…


Thank you, @TommyBahama for this list. I have a similar problem being I live much further south, just 30 miles north of the gulf and in the summer we have hotter summers than anyone, usually in the 90’s with humidity the same, or close to it. Without an AC, the heat is intolerable. Is an indoor garden even possible in these conditions?

People have been growing in Mexico and the middle east for a long time both have harsher weather than yours so it can be done.

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Thank you, @SKORPION for your reply. I am actually growing in a shed, no AC, which gets in the upper 90’s all day and all night in the summertime. Air is heavy with humidity, which according to some threads here, the plants do better in milder conditions. I’ll try it anyway, who knows, it may be successful!

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Good luck, as far as conditions reference is for optimal results that doesn’t mean you can’t grow in other conditions.

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