Strain with big juicy leaves?

A question from a fellow grower:

I am looking to start growing a few plants of a strain that could produce prolific leaves to juice for my daughter. She has glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor cancer and I am already giving her RSO and high CBD oil. Can you please recommend a strain that is fast growing with prolific big juicy leaves? I appreciate any help you can give me in this regard.

All plants generally make pretty big leaves.

I would think you would want something pretty potent and that maybe has a pleasant taste.

In general for something really strong I would recommend Robert’s Gold Leaf***, it would be really high in CBD and would likely be high in the other cancer fighting properties as well. However it has a very strong pungent smell and some have even compared the smell to cat urine.

Maybe the blueberry or strawberry for their fruity berry like flavors, and they have pretty good CBD ratios as well. You can also think about Chocolope, it has hints of chocolate and cantaloupe in its smell and high CBD. And lastly there is also Cheese in our seed selection that is high in CBDs.

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Everyone he stated is in the best strains of 2014 , since than breeders has made even more potent crosses , but each one Mac g stated is a great choice .

Can’t go wrong with Gold Leaf.

Sorry to :ear:hear that