Strain to calm tremors


I have a friend that’s asking about growing her own to help her son with a neurological tremors. She’s tried edibles with him and they did work but doesn’t have a continual or reliable source (illegal in her state)… Is there a strain on this site that would be best for doing that?


Unfortunately, you’ll not find strains that’s suitable for neurological tremors symptômes like Parkinson or Epilepsy in this site…

Search for AC/DC, Charlotte Web, Cannatonic or other very high dominant CBD strains… They do not have psychoactive effects but are very efficient for neurological relief …

That said, I am not a doctor and do not recommand any treatement what so ever and ILGM is not responsable for my décision to give you information…

Hoping that’s helping you @Sasquatch

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Gold Leaf is one of the highest CBD strains available. If making edibles for pain relief; I suggest you invest in Gold Leaf. I have grown this bullet proof strain and it delivers on the back end.

Gold Leaf does not numb you out, and you can work in the garden and function. It allows a patient to relax. In that regard; I find Gold Leaf to be useful for anxiety and pain, in regard to having the ability to function for daily routine.

Hope this helps, lw :slight_smile:


@Niala Thanks for this info! Ill be passing it a long. I’ve already found some really good info thanks to these strain recommendations. Thanks


Thanks for the response @latewood The goldleaf may do for now as I happened to have a couple seeds I can donate . But I think a high CBD to a low THC ratio is what she will need for her son in the future if she peruses this. All the assistance is much appreciated.


Have you seen this yet? Might be your answer, and you won’t have to wait until you harvest and process. :smiley:

Enjoy, lw


Yea I did see this yesterday. It could be the way to go or even as a supplement also! very good! going to show it to them today. Thanks


Legal in all 50 states