Strain suggestions

Howdy all,
First off I gotta say I love this forum.
I’m looking for a little advice on a couple matters. First,
My second grow was a great success. Jack Herer feminized seeds in happy frog soil, indoors with 2 Bestva 2000 pro series led’s and I had 3 TREES, tons of large, form buds and an aroma from the gods.
My question is, Now I’d like to try a different strain. Possibly something a little exotic yet fairly easy to grow. I’m not hip to all the “ppm” ect. Still learning. I’ve got PH and RH, airflow, nutrients down pretty good but all the real technical stuff I’ll leave to the pro’s.
Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe something purple? I’m in North Texas so it gets to hot and humid for outdoors. Last summer i had burnt buds and a lot of bud rot. Anyway, thanks everyone and i apologize for the long rambling

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I don’t have the high humidity but for heat, my Acapulco Gold and Purple Punch did amazingly well in the hot, hot heat.

I’ve also heard that Super Silver Haze or Amnesia Haze do better in hot, humid conditions

I grow outdoors in hot and dry conditions. RH < 30. I have had good luck with the Tangy crosses so far. Don’t know how they would do in high RH.

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