Strain suggestions for a semi newb with lots of experience growing food and a decent setup

I am loving this site so far im just a little overwhelmed with the huge selection. I have a 5x5x7 tent with a 1000w air cooled hood and a dimmable digital ballist, both mh and hps bulbs. ive pulled off 2 decent grows out of it with bag seed but im not the kind of person who is satisfied with decent. I got a very small yield first time around 389g dry second wasn’t much better 414g dry but for the light and room I have that isn’t anything I don’t need autos or anything like that just some help with what would be good for me to try to get my harvest better and a little bit better disease resistance or pest I should say I got mites on my first one but thankfully none on the 2nd. any help at all would be greatly appreciated thanks to all in advance I may run out of comments and likes again today. but I love how they make you earn trust on this site its the only reason im even posting on here or even thinking about ordering Im in a strict no grow state.


My first suggestion is to use regular seeds instead of feminized as they tend to be more vigorous and hardy. The downside is there will be some males to deal with.

If you go feminized, choose a strain that yields on the heavy side, pick good genetics (ILGM!) to start. Don’t reinvent the wheel: what you want to do is use tried and true methods and keep the plants right in the middle of the ‘sweet spot’ for them. With that in mind; I like media like coco and Promix for big growing plants but soil will get you there too. If soil then use one optimized for weed. If doing soilless choose a good nutrient line and only use their product if possible. This is to maintain compatibility and PH buffering. PH and TDS meter along with cal solutions. I am assuming you have some means of managing temps. Humidity. Using a VPD chart (Vapor Pressure Deficit) to maximize growth.

Read some journals. That can give you an idea. Here’s one of mine:

Good water is important. I use R/O and many others do too.

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thank you for the info, I have used coco,pete,perlite,and worm castings both times but didn’t spend the money on good nutes there are so many and so much hype around all of em idk what to go with. I used Alaska fish fertilizer from start to finish both times. well a little worm castings here and there. im not stuck on organic or anything I just don’t want to spend a ton on something that’s not any better then what I had. but this time I am planning it out getting good genetics first thing then learn all I can befor I even put the first seed in the dirt. I use the word dirt too much I should learn to say medium I have never used soil befor I am doing my homework on this one. and until now I never even heard of vpd I am going to research it asap. I have a lot of work to do but when you love what you do its never work. thanks again.

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If you like coco then stick with that. I think you have more vigorous growth in that or Promix (I like it better but it’s pricey).

I use the General Hydroponics Flora line: Gro, Micro and Bloom, and you can add all of the supplements as you go. I’m running the full monty for the second time. That journal shows a regular seed in Promix, 4 1/2 months in a SCROG and the yield was 14 oz. or 402 grams. Is that the kind of yield you are looking for?


ive seen that series but didn’t know if they would be worth it but those results speak for themselves. I know if I cheap out on any part of it im gona get mixed results if any results at all. ive went cheap 2x now and spent more money on electric then it was worth. I have been looking at the promix myself it sounds really good to me I think that pic just sold me on both. I had already been looking at both because they aren’t super expensive but with those kinda results what can you say. that was a pretty plant.

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Here is a list of ILGM photoperiod strains arranged by yield for indoor growing:


Good call!

That’s partly the non feminized actual real female plant lol.

Coco will do just as well for you IMO. Add about 25% perlite and you are good. Do wash the perlite and coco before using just for GP.

Read my journal or at least skim it. Nutrient schedules should be adhered to closely and monitor the TDS of the input and output solution. Good water. Hitting all of your schedule changes right on target. I will also add, that plant would have fit in a 2 X 4 X 5 tent. My current grow is in a 2 X 4 X 5 tent in a SCROG and gonna try for 16 oz. of flower from that one. It’s a Super Pineapple Haze.

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thank you for helpin me out.

I seriously appreciate all the time you have dedicated to helping me out today, im for sure gona go read your journal, I love to see all the plants and read about how they achieved the outstanding results ive been seeing. i will be happy to get anything even close to what ive been seeing on here. that one you showed me was a beauty if that’s from the flora series im def gona go with that, if im not mistaken that’s also organic correct? i used a fabric pots last time as well but it all comes down to the genetics i guess i done everything i could to the best of my abilities and still right under a pound for a 5x5 1000w hps setup is pitiful. it has to be the seed and probably the nutes as well ive had killer results outside on tomatoes with Alaska fish so i said what the hell i will try it out. probably more the seed then anything. but thank you again for real for all this time your takin to help me out.

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im trying to find your journal im new to the site and havnt figured it out yet, it dosnt help that im not very good with computers to begin with but im dedicated so i will learn eventually. im gona keep tryin to figure out how to find one of em.

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Scroll up to the post where it’s listed: ‘Fun and Games on the Central Coast’ (second post). Click on the title and it’ll take you to the journal.

No, but it uses good base ingredients that are finely milled. (GH is optimized for hydroponics so organic ingredients are problematic) I am using all of the line: something like 9 or 10 products. I’m trying to maximize for terpenes as well as overall potency.

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ok that was easy thanks again, i love the pics i am going to be doin somme more reading of it here shortly how do you like growin all those different autos? ive been really interested in them for the short amount of time they take but have been put off by the yield ive heard about idk im just a newb reading all i can and i believe there is a lot more disinfomation the good information that’s why i have stopped going other places now that ive found this place it seems to be totally legit.

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I’m a photo grower. My grow buddy gets stupid yields with autos but the one time was kind of ‘meh’.

Well I hope so; I’ve been here a while haha. It’s a good respectful group with a variety of different skills/experience/history/trauma to warrant them being here growing cannabis: instead of weed.

Growing autos is more a matter of good timing and minimal handling. That don’t work for me.

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As you can see, this is a pretty bomber plant!

General Hydroponics is everywhere too, its tried and true. Ive used it and will continue to use it. I used it in a liquid hydro grow and it worked fine. Be very careful to add the nutes in the proper order. And ph the solution after everything is in.

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That’s a great compilation! Anyone else feel that the list is worthy of a sticky somewhere?

It points to an outside source, so probably not.

Ideally, ILGM would put something like that on their retail website…

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I will be respectful of everyone, i know im a newb and its gona take awhile to get some experience. this is hands down the most friendly and accurate website ive found on the subject and ive looked at a bunch. thanks again for all the help i really appreciate it.

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It can be hard to find regular seeds, especially if you’re looking for something specific. If I’m remembering correctly, ILGM carried the following in regular (male/female) seeds in ‘19:

Durban Poison
Northern Lights
White Widow
Gold Leaf
Jack Herer

I feel like there were 2 more though. I’m 100% positive about Durban and NL, but I could easily be misremembering some of the others.

I get why they carry feminized seeds, and I wouldn’t fixate on that if that’s the only thing between you and a cultivar purchase. The fem seeds will grow well.

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all the help ive been given in the last few days is awesome thank you for all the info. I believe im gona go with a photo seed i been looking at the lsd, and northern lights. i been lookin at the lsd because i mainly eat edibles and i think that maybe it would make some good ones from the description of the effects. and i was look at the northern lights for the time it matures in. im a little overwhelmed i will eventually decide on one but im also looking for good disease resistance and pest as well. ive had spider mites befor and i didn’t like that one bit i know that a strain cant keep you from getting mites but some are stronger then others correct?

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