Strain-specific nute burn? (And a question about roots)

1st time grower learning the ropes. Please look at this pic:

To my novice eye, most of these plants look perfectly healthy. The small ones got started a couple weeks later than the rest hence the size difference.

But two plants (2nd row back from front, center two plants) look a little funny compared to the rest. Here’s a closeup:

Curiously, the two that look different from the rest are the only two of that strain (Moby Dick, a sativa-dominant hybrid) in the crop. Is this nute burn? Are some strains more sensitive to it than others? In other words, should I conclude this strain can’t take as much nutes as the rest? The EC is only about 1200, so it doesn’t seem to me like I’m overfeeding, but again I’m a newbie.

Separate question: Should I be concerned about roots growing out the bottoms of the pots so early in the grow? These plants aren’t very big yet and already the roots are coming out from the seams:

Is this a problem? Should I do anything about it? The pots are 18L (almost 5 gal), which most people seem to say is more than big enough. But these girls are only a few weeks old and already seem to be trying to escape their pots! What gives?


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Yeah something odd is going on I think… I am a novice too, so I can’t answer… @Hellraiser could be able to help.

Think you might need to start draining that water that they are sitting in… I think the roots might’ve grown out of the containers because they sense the water there. Dark roots are bad.

There are 3 types of strains: Easy, Moderate and Difficult.

There are certain strains that require a specific Humidity, Vitamin regimen, Soil and make-up,
Light intensity, Watering Schedule, Heavy on one type of nutrient etc etc
Some like to be dry before the next drink, some like to be damp and never dry, and on and on
the differences go. I try to stay in the Easy to Moderate range LOL

I’m not familiar with that strain you named but you can ask the company you bought it for if it
requires a specific environment.

I would definitely be concerned with the roots coming out the bottom. Get rid of any pooling water after your feeding. I use cloth pots so the roots Air Prune themselves. Creates new
roots to form a bigger rootball.

Thanks guys. Sounds like allowing a few days worth of runoff water to accumulate in the pan before cleaning it up is not a good plan after all.

Should I physically cut the excess roots that are coming out off?


No need, just keep the tray dry by removing runoff quickly and the roots will air prune themselves and yea some strains can be more nute sensitive than others.

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