Strain specific grow help?

Has anyone considered starting a few strain specific threads? Since this is ilgm’s website, it’s safe to assume most of us are growing the same stuff. Why not a “Gold Leaf” strain grow advice thread? Black Widow? Bruce Banner? You sell seeds, so somebody is growing them for you. How’s about tapping into their experiences with the various strains? The one paragraph in the strain descriptions isn’t enough info!


searches will offer you many ideas and experiences for a wide variety of topics.

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Yes please. :man_farmer:

Yeah. Research ANYWHERE is gonna result in myriad answers. I’m saying since we’re here, on ilgm’s growers forum, why don’t they have more specific information about growing ilgm’s strains here? Even if it was just a place we could go to find info and posts relevant to specific strains? Who better to teach us how to raise it than the folks that raise it to resell?

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Grow journals would be where I looked.

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Most grow varieties, I have 6 different flavors. I try to grow by if they are sativa or indica. Auto flowering or not. Strains grow similarly, but with hybrids you have to adjust.

theres too much detail on each plant, each strains, etc to be able to generalize. learn about how to grow in general. then pay attention to your specific plant and setup. you may have unique and unexpected problems for many reasons.

each seed is different as different as people siblings.

I won’t be starting my first grow until around the beginning of next month. But I am a very experienced shroom grower. Strains, as they relate to psilocybe, are wishful thinking at best. When the spores “sprout,” each one produces a mycelial thread. When two of these threads meet, they join and produce their own unique strain, regardless of whatever the spores they came from were named by the seller of the spore print. Some spore suppliers use confusion over strains as a marketing ploy.

I’ve always wondered how much difference there actually is between cannabis strains.

im confident there are significant phenotypic and chemical differences. now if you are referring to degrees of genetic differences, there may only be .01% difference between one strain and another but that could be enough to make a gold leaf from a white widow. idk

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Not sure if I’m in the right place but I’ll ask my question anyways,

I’d say I’m and intermediate grower. Not a beginner but always learning.

I’m finishing up Northern Lights and I’ve heard leaving them in complete darkness for the last week will really make them shine. Any truth to this?

No …it sounds like twaddle to me…in my humble opinion