Strain Smoking Report

10/16/20-- SMOKE REPORT ILGM-BANANA KUSH :heavy_check_mark:

Strain : Banana Kush
Seed bank : ILGM
Indoor/Outdoor : Indoor
Medium : Happy Frog, extra perlite, lots of Myco and a top dressing of some worm castings and dolomite lime
Flowering time : 8 maybe 9 weeks.
Cured/not cured : Its been in the jars for 37 days. 56%rH

When opening the jars to smell it’s very very sweet! Very floral like a rose but overall very sweet smelling. Not exactly the smelliest either, it rather subtle smelling.

Ok now when ground up in the herb grinder I have to be honest with you, it smells much different than it did but still that same very sweet based smell now accompanied with a pungent skunky smell and almost like a really really ripe banana that’s been in a sandwich bag after lunch kinda smell. Overall a very pleasant smell!

Dry hit all I get is the standard good kush taste just very floral lots of that “terp” taste! Very pleasant!

When smoked, ah ha… There it is! I now understand why they’ll call it Banana Kush… It’s honestly tasted of banana! A sweet fresh cut banana. Smooth! But yet when it really hit my lungs I got that lung expansion/ medicinal tasty feeling… Hard to describe… but its great. :+1:

Now immediately it felt like it went straight behind my eyes and it took effects on me.
I feel as if this is a very versatile strain to smoke, I will explain.
Initially it made me pretty forgetful I had my normal home chores that I’d be doing… laundry, dishes, ect… I didn’t really enjoy this but made it through the home chores and got them all done
Cleaned out the bowl and packed another bowl of Banana Kush. Geez this stuff is sticky!! Even more so if the humidity is up… I like my smoke close to 55% when smoking. so I smoked it down!!
This is probably the most potent cannabis I’ve ever consumed! Nearly hallucinogenic… by this time in the day I’m already warming up some leftover BBQ in the microwave. I’ve got the munchies!!
Ate a bit of BBQ, loaded another fresh bowl of that sweet smelling Banana Kush took a good rip and on the inhale I get it everytime, the sweet banana terp, smooth skunk and it hits me right behind my eyes again! This time I’m almost immobilized on the couch pondering my thoughts… writing this review. What a journey it’s been! Glad everyone could be here! And I’m happy to have shared this! Here are some pictures of that ILGM-BANANA KUSH :heavy_check_mark:


Great review my friend, thank you ! :nerd_face:
I loved the :banana: :banana: :banana:, nice touch!


Outstanding work and a great review…those look real tasty…:sunglasses::v:


Yeah I got to say it too, very good detailed review and beautiful pictures to company…NICE…:v::+1:

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Banana Kush is on our short list. Down to that and Grandaddy Purple for next grow. How tall did this get? GP is high on list as it is compact. My first grow, prior to this one, and the one I have now I keep battling height.

Those are gorgeous and look like they have been rolled in hot sugar.


Excellent report, very thorough,
Great job :clap:

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Those 2 banana kush plants from the top of the soil to the tallest main cola were 3ft +/- a couple inches.

Now, I didn’t perform any fimming or topping. However I did put them under a trellis net, did some leaf tucking and defoliated as needed to my liking.
I feel as if I could’ve grown them taller and vegged them longer but I didn’t.
They were very manageable throughout the entire grow in my opinion.


Thank you everyone!


Dang! Now I’m drooling for Banana Kush. That was an excellent strain report. You might wanna look at a side job for seed companies :rofl: