Strain Selection Spreadsheet


Another updated sheet for you all to use. This is getting awfully large, so the quality of the text is reduced, but should still be alright if you use the zoom feature of the forum.

Deciding on the New Seeds!




This is awesome thanks!


Any chance you’d be willing to copy and paste your table into a post so I can copy and paste it into Excel? :smiley:


Hey thanks for posting :ok_hand::v:


Awesome, many thanks!


@3high5you Could you please make it able to copy paste into excel, and you can click the tabs to organize to your preference, like the most THC, Price, or CBD content. Or just post the tables, with each tab you have there organized numerically or alphabetically :eyes: THANK YOU FOR THIS SPREADSHEET


@Bogleg and @AmnesiaHaze, this forum doesn’t allow for posting spreadsheets. I tried everything to make it work! If you can figure out a way, please lmk and I’ll happily do it. I would prefer to post the text, rather than a screenshot, but this was the only way I could get it to work!


You tried selecting it, copying it (Ctrl-C), then tabbing over to the forum and pasting it into a post? I think it would be okay for us to then copy and paste it back into Excel on our end.


Definitely tried that. Unfortunately, the post was just a jumbled mess of random stuff.


unfortunately we might need to write down @3high5you 's table and then type it manually into excel. or if you can @3high5you please post pictures of each tab organized!!! :+1:


I can reorganize the list by putting each column in order, I think. I’ll play around with that.


much appreciated, a lot easier on the eyes :slight_smile:


Maybe @bob31 @Donaldj @latewood or @Hogmaster can help?


Organized by price (prices will be changing soon):

Organized by THC:

Organized by indoor yield of ounces per cubic meter:


YES! Thanks bro so much better add a few more, CBD, and flower time, and Indica/Sativa :slight_smile: please and thank you!!! this is great stuff right here.


Sorting by Ind/Sat didn’t work.

Sorted by CBD:

Sorted by flowering time:


:apple: thank you very much i am bookmarking this thread.


Thank you so much for creating and sharing this spreadsheet. Really helpful! :blush:


I uploaded the full spreadsheet here: