Strain selection for outdoor Oklahoma grow

I’m looking to put about 150 plants out this spring, the short list for genetics are as follows; grandaddy purp, super skunk, do si dos, caramel cream (or caramel king depending on the seed bank), grandaddy black (GDP x black domina) and cheese. I would also like to work in a sativa such as durban poison or somango. I’m curious if anyone has any input on these strains, especially in a humid, temperamental climate such as Oklahoma. We had moderate success last year with gorilla zkittlez as our main strain (finishing at 25pct thc) but we are aiming for more variety this year. Thanks in advance.


No help here just wanted to Welcome you to ILGM FORUM. :+1:

Thank you, seems like a useful resource. I remember the days when a person couldn’t risk speaking openly about growing

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I’m in a illegal state. Haven’t even decriminalized it yet. I’ve decided it was worth the risk. Growing in a 4x8 tent. I know there’s some outdoor growers here. I just don’t follow them to closely. Hopefully someone will check in and help out. Good Luck. :+1:

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@Haildamaged is an outdoor grower here in Oklahoma. He may be able to point you in a direction. But you can search to see what strains grow best in hot/humid climates