Strain recommendations

I’m looking for advice. I would like to do some outdoor, in-ground growing in the north-western Georgia mountains. It’s in hardiness zone 7b, and summers are pretty warm. Soil is about 5.4 pH (though I can amend with lime). I’ve started some blue dream autos that will planted out there, but I’m not sure if that will be my best strain.

Any suggestion are welcome, not opposed to photoperiod, should hit 12 hrs of sunlight around late September.

I’m a bit of a newbie, so something idiot resistant would be helpful.

R u looking for sativa or indica strain…

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The only recommendation i have is an indica strain from ilgm super skunk auto it’s easy to grow, hardy, mildew resistant and only takes around 8 weeks to flower … it’s my favorite old school buzz…


Purple lemonade auto fast buds

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Hey @Aussie_autos i bet that has a good taste to it… I’ve never tried it yet :confused:

Try it it has a sweet lemon and tropical flavour

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I will eventually… I’m doing a red super skunk and a sweet zombie next

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Nice ive never heard of them

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Sweet zombie 95% indica is old school and is one of the fastest auto’s out there 7weeks from seed and red super skunk is fast and potent 26% thc level…

@Storm look up expert seeds auto’s and you will have to type it in to find it… it’s kinda rare

Anything from FastBuds lol! Their genres are on point I’ve been doing a ton of research on them, and got a forbidden runtz started flower by them also and she’s exploding!

The purple lemonade looks beautiful though! And their blackberry

I have blackberry auto seeds and im growing two purple lemonade autos and a gorilla glue auto from fast buds

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Awesome! I have a purple punch and cherry cola to go in next run after this run :pray:t2:

This is purple lemonade


That looks amazing bro! Probably be one of my next orders from them and a blackberry, I’m trying to get sponsored by them also :sunglasses:

Though I love sativa, I think an indica blend is what I’ll be needing. I’m assuming, by your name, you’re growing in a similar climate (I grew up in Slidell). If your having success with Super skunk, I should give that a try. Are you growing in ground? My soil will be pretty acidic, and while I know to add lime to bring pH up, I’m wondering how deep to work it into the soil.

@Brentski are you growing in the natural soil outside…? If so i would still recommend fox farm ocean’s and happy frog potting soil with extra perlite…

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Are you searching for just to get high or for medical reasons like for controlling chronic pain? No judgement if its the first case. It just helps narrowing down specific strains based on the reason to smoke.

I am all about Pain management. Since I have PTSD, Insomnia and Psychosis, I like a Energetic high as I am lucky to get 5 mins of REM sleep once or twice a yearZ Even with all my meds, I struggle to sleep. Now I am looking at a Autoimmune Disease so I will be researching for strains that may help control this mess.

Lots of research ahead of me. Food for thought. I did make my last Indica dominant strain like 50% amber so she is a creeper from Hell and not for amateurs. This comes from the Breeder. :+1:


First I want to say, thank you for your service! I’m sorry that it has left you with so many issues to deal with.

To answer your question, honestly, it’s both. Stress is a killer, and a toke or two really helps my general well being. But I have noticed great relief with lower back pain, joint aches, headaches and insomnia. I’ve never really been sure of what strains I’ve had in the past, as this is my first attempt at growing it.

I’d love to find something that would be easy to grow in my climate, that would be forgiving of my mistakes as a newbie and would work in a guerrilla grow situation.