Strain recommendations for people with MS

A female friend of mine has MS.

Currently, her main complaint is leg pain after exertion and restless, tingling feeling in legs that prevents sleep.

I’ve not talked to her about growing yet…but if my first order of seeds comes in and things grow well, I’d love to help her out.

I’d greatly appreciate strain recommendations and reasons from those of you who actually have MS or know someone who does and who uses marijuana to help with it.

Thanks so much!


Maybe blue dream, it’s a pretty good one. Purple trainwreck, white rhino, just a few I know that might help. Hope everything gets better for your friend

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The most complete explanation of the different strains is on this site in the seeds section what the % of thc and cbd which are best for pain etc. Click on the strain scroll down and click on the little tab that says details and all the info for that strain is there


My husband has a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis called Tumafactive Multiple sclerosis. He uses both high CBD strains and High THC strains. He also benefits from edibles especially at night. He has horrible spasms. They almost look like seizures. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’m a nurse’s aid and work as a pro bono disability advocate.


Also CBD concentrates work wonders. I don’t know if ILMG sells this strain but Harlequin is one that works well for him as well.


Also ask her if she’s taking any disease modifying drugs. Most people with M.S are. Gilenya is a cannabinoid antagonist and is prescribed to help slow down disease progression. If she’s taking that drug in particular marijuana will not be as effective with helping her symptoms…

I have MS myself. And I currently work in a dispensary because I wanted to study all the information coming out. For me, the best strain is Westside og. Or any strain that is high in Caryophylene. Any cannabis from a dispensary should come with lab results including terpenes. I also really like Jillybean for daytime.


welcome to ilgm @MSwarrior

how cool is that!
are you going to start growing your own?
which strain?

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I am hoping to. I’d like to try a couple different strains and see what works best. The science behind cannabis is so interesting to me.

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My husband has Tumafactive Multiple Sclerosis, he uses cannabis for his symptoms. He uses a combination of high THC and high CBD strains. He loves Goldleaf which can be purchased here and a strain called Harlequin which I have not seen on here. The Harlequin has 11 % CBD. When I make him butter for edibles I use a combination of high THC strains and high CBD strains that way he gets the benefit of both. It’s the only thing that helps him sleep anymore. Good luck to you, I hope you find something to lessen your symptoms.:sparkling_heart:

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I have MS, this video has helped me…

And I have used all of these strains except :strawberry:Strawberry Cough because I can’t find it…

My favorite is the AK-47 and northern lights because it doesn’t make me too hyper or too sleepy, I have those to help me get through the day. I also sometimes if I really need too think :thinking: I will have some Harlequin. My two favorites for pain is Blackberry Kush and White Rhino. Hope that helps​:+1:t3:

Wow, what a can of worms finding the right strain was. I went to 11 different shop here in WA and learned what not to use. We ended up starting by learning as much about indica, hybrids and sativa as we could. Then thc, thc-a, cbd, cbd-a. Then understand the different ways to use it (vape, smoke, eat or apply a ointment) I learned a lot here and just searching and reading alot. Finding a cooking group was a real help to have that instant help. Good luck anything we can help with do not hesitate to ask.

I have Primary Progressive MS going on 12 years (but now we know it started 50 years ago just never put it all together). 5 years ago my symptoms started to progress rapidly to the point the I was in a wheelchair and could only be vertical for no more than an hour a day. 3 months ago my wife was going to put me in a Care Home, I was unable to walk I was having spasms that are like the worst seizures imaginable and my weight skyrocketed. I’ve been smoking for about 2 1/2 months and once we found that for me sativa was the best (PPMS, Type 1 diabetes, high blood pressure, ADHD, insomnia, I know I missed something) we did a deep dive in to all the different strains under sativa. Then we started working with concentrates (Raw Dog, Blue Dream, Raw Dog+Space Assassin) and dry herb (OG City Diesel, Blue Dream). We are just starting to cook with it nothing of note yet but I’m looking a getting a Magic Butter Machine after reading a bunch of stuff on here.
So that as of today I am up and moving almost 6 hours a day I’m able took take care of my self and drive. I have on average no drop foot or limp during the day time. I stopped using crutches or canes and I have lost almost 60lbs. That made my wife happy especially since I stopped falling (1 time in a month) but for me beside my pain going from 8-9 constant to 2-4 at the worst average a 2 is sleeping 6-8 hours average I was only sleeping 6-8 a week for 9 years.
My evening are still the worst time but still no spasms and I was able to remove my oral opioids plus stopped 50% of my pills.(do not stop anything without consulting your doctor) I slowly weeded (no pun) down my pills. By last blood test (A1C) was 5.4, I was able to stop meal time insulin. My eye sight has improved (new prescription ordered), alot has happened not all because of marijuana but it started the ball rolling.

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I’ve been using this app to track my strains and my usage as far a dosage goes it’s called releaf. I approached my use just like I did all my other medications I engineered the hell out of it. Now it’s just like taking an aspirin only as needed, so 5-6 hours without thinking when is my next round of medications a welcome relief (pun totally meant)

you have an inspiring experience. ya need to try vaping, it’s easier on ya.

I’m not sure about inspiring but its definitely encouraging to know something works. I’m still going strong. I had my worst night and day so far. But I was able to control my pain with blue dream last night (herb & concentrate) and slept 6 hours that huge. Then this morning I had high fatigue with sucked, had things to do. I tried my day time stuff to no avail. So took a nap, a nap I haven’t had to do that in 15 years. I know that this fatigue will not be to long or bad, I don’t know how but it just feels less dire that what was normal.
Still using Raw Dog and OG City Diesel for day time I’m down to 4-6 hours between smoking. I also just made my first edible cannabutter in choc. chip cookies tried two this morning and it lasted about 4 hour. They are about the size of a half dollar. I’m just having trouble eating anything lost 62lb in 2 months so more edibles for me, yeah.

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Thanks for all the input everyone. I’ve not checked this thread for a while. Now I have some info to share with her!

The truth is that there are many types and varieties to use in medical marijuana. A relative of mine suffered cancer and sometimes he had some infusion or smoked a joint to alleviate the pain. I acomapñaba and gave him a puff, in addition to advising him with marijuana, I planted myself with the seeds of the cheese (Gala CBD de R-Kiem Seeds - Compra Semillas de Calidad) for me it has very good flavor and gives good results.

Just a quick update, it’s been a little bit and I’ve been using my strains for a few months now with great results.
I tried some variants of my strains, they worked but not as well. In a pinch yes they worked well enough to get through. I was not trying to use different strains but the store was out of OG City Diesel for 1 1/2 months. Now I’m growing some to stop that.
It did give me a chance to test out adjusting strains. I learned I can only go about 3 degrees for my original strains. I even tried to see if the different levels of THC had an affect on any symptoms. I found for me that THC matters, but strain is more of a factor as the base. Anything lower than 20% had an adverse effect on my MS symptoms. If I keep the THC in the 26%-30% range the 50% of my waking day it hard to tell I have MS or much of any significance.
I’m still doing my own research, like I have noticed if I do not have CBD of .1% during the day I have more body aches or sore joints.
With all of this i am finally off all my major medications related to MS. My type 1 diabetes is under control and I do not use meal time insulin anymore. My long acting has been reduced to 10 units every other day or two. I’ve tested my blood sugar at many different intervals I have found the my BS was 100-120 fasting no insulin eat a red baron mini deep supreme pizza. 2.5hrs test BS 179, eat 1 more meal equivalents to the pizza(cannot eat much more). I’ll have equivalent to a regular candy bar, 2 diet 12oz sodas all done by 8pm by 6am BS is back to the fasting zone.

I do have baclofen pump with a couple things in it but a far a oral or injections I am only using 3 prescriptions now down from 18.
I have lost a total of 138lbs in 190 as of today. Had IV’s a couple time because of procedures, scopes, scans,and test so on those days I would gain 10lb because first, the water second, I would be able to keep food down if I smoked with in the 2 days after the procedure that was kinda nice. Anyway I hope this helps someone, if you need anymore info or have question I’m here. I figured I didn’t go through this to not at least help someone other than me.


Ya love this video👍🏼

I have CIDP somewhat similar to MS according to my neurologist and I have found White Widow and Granddaddy Purple to work the best for me , both dry leaf vaping and cooking with them.