Strain Names: You Understand lol

So, I get that there are some incredibly desirable, highly prized, sought after strains. Different heirloom and landrace varieties have made all the options we have available, for the most part, haven’t they? And some newer crosses can be, and are, identified and traced back.

Acapulco Gold, Mowie Wowie, Afghani Kush, and many others hold their place in cultivation. But what I don’t really understand, and I’m surely not alone on this, I can’t be, but what I don’t understand is these super crazy, totally off the wall strains names and crosses. You know what I’m saying here.

Like Lions Den FartBox x Pink Fairy Glitter Snot. Or Cheezy Stank Tire Dust x Chewed Alien Bubblegum Colada. Now, I’m not sure that I’ve identified actual strain names, but, if I did, I would not be a single bit surprised.


I know its crazy.
To me I know I can feel a few different effects from cannabis. But I don’t feel hundreds of differing effects from the strains I have tried. Sleepy or racy, relaxed or energetic, stand and stare or dig into a project all are things I feel from differing strains and sometimes even between two plants of the same strain.
Kind of like Oreos or Hydrox cookies. There may be tiny differences in some of them, but I dont buy that there are that many “Major” differences in all the current strains. But I cant deny the fun of it all.


For shits and grins if i ever make a strain its gonna be called giraffe pussy lmfao. But i think its just people having fun when they make names like that




They lost me when they used Skunk.
I live in the country, my dogs love to “play” with anything. I know what skunk smells like. No thanks.


I prefer more classic names, where it makes sense. Like Alaskan Thunder Fuxx- Sarah Palin x Northern Lights or Dr. Who- Timewreck x Mad scientist. I have often wonderd about what strains I would/will choose if I were to breed my own, and what I would call it
Maybe like… Side Piece- Dirty little secret x Cinderella99
Donald J Trump- Presidential OG x AK47 or Orange Tangie
Common Ground- Black Domina x The White

I would be great at naming strains for grow houses. Wonder if thats an actual job?


I have a strain name I want to use. But it has to have specific effects along with it. Not just “I crossed a couple plants accidently and call this blah blah”.

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We want the right buzz, i will never waste space to grow anything that doesnt offer a great high.
Smooth, tasty, great high.

Once found, if it isn’t broke, dont try to fix it.


Yeti Wedding :rofl::v: Wish I could say it wasn’t true but it is so true.

I deliberately bred the Wedding Cake to pollinate a White Widow (White Wedding, c’mon). Turned around, applied the pollen, immediately realized it was the wrong plant (Samsquanch OG, not my WW). Oops. Resulting autos are pretty awesome smoke - it’s just a heavy Wedding Cake crossed with a heavy Triangle Kush / OG Kush.

Meanwhile I haven’t grown a White Wedding yet. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

As Bob Ross would say - happy accidents (not sure he ever said anything about them making for stupid strain names tho :rofl::v:)


@Graysin “make a happy tree here! And a little happy tree over here! And done!!” :joy:


@Graysin :metal:


@Graysin you’re Yeti Wedding is a sweet plant. She’s been hungry… hungrier than anyone else in the tent.


I can’t wait to drop a couple of the Yeti Weddings. Soon as I’m finished with court stuff, it’s on. I’m gonna need a whoke sleeve of medicine cups for bean dropping.


Liked yhe way banana kush was described, potency, smell, etc…there was a flavor with a hint of vanilla to make banana pudding. Id be trying that flavor out.