Strain Matching advice

I bought seeds from another seed bank. I don’t want to deal with them anymore. I have my reasons, but prefer to keep it to myself. The strain name is critical purple. I think the strain is awesome. I can’t find the same name here at ILGM. They are auto flower. Anyone familiar with this strain? What ILGM strain is closest to this? Thanks in advance for any information.

ILGM has Critical Purple photoperiod. It did a good job for me last year.


I haven’t seen it, but I would like auto flowers. The last bank I bought from took forever, sent eight instead of the 10 I paid for and the seeds looked like the smallest weakest cannabis seeds I’ve ever seen. I bought some Gold leaf auto seeds from ILGM and was blown away by the difference. I won’t buy from anyone else.

I think ILGM has a couple of strains close to that strain. It will depend on what part or parts of the strain you like. For example: if you like the yield…you like the size (compact)…mold resistant…pest resistant…etc… There is a bunch of purples that can match what you like about your strain that you have. Good luck, keep sending messages and we can help with your research. There is a lot of smart folks on this support forum that is willing to help you get the best strain for you.

I like that it is a fairly high yielding, easy grow. It has a pretty long flowering period. 10-16weeks so they say. I am at week seven and don’t even have cloudy tricomes yet. I have always loved a good purple bud. My next grow will be my ILGM gold leaf. Who knows, maybe I will like it better.

Aloha @Twin

I have the Gold Leaf and they actually grew bigger than the Bruce Banners. Easy grows, which made it super fun to work with was the Purple Haze, Skunk, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and White Widow. ILGM has been good for me, the customer service has been excellent especially when I first started. Happy Growing

Sticky seeds uk you can get critical purple auto and photoperiod seeds