Strain location


Hi All! I came across some info on FB that there’s a strain cld “Sexxpot” that was derived from Mr.Nice by a Calif. Genecist. So far, All seed coc I contacted claimed ignorance & 1 suggested here. TY


We don’t have that strain here but you will find some of the best genetics you will not be disappointed with anything you get from Robert at ilgm


I agree with @Hogmaster great genetics from ILGM. Although they don’t have that specific strain they do have some great strains to choose from.


Ty but I AM well aware of strains & have obtained several strains but I AM specifically looking 4 SEXXPOT.


I just googled sexxpot canabbis,and it’s supposed to have low thc but is supposed to be like Viagra for women…interesting…lol…this isn’t for the op ,I’m sure you know what it is,just saying it’s interesting…


Not concerned with ILGM’s . I know they r gud. Just looking 4 specific strain or leads 2 wer I can find .


Leafly dot com might help they have a strain finder


1st thing i did as I have leafly on my mobile. Reviews: Yes, wer 2 find : No:-(