Strain is lemon haze today turned 3 months old

3 months , I don’t feel so bad for my 2 month old than .

Let me see a pic of yours

it’s only 2 months this Thursday , but I put it through some stress , and final figured out my feeding schedule and ph level to feed it right .

Nice I’m growing mines outdoor so i still have a long way to go

Yes , it’s has what I think would be 4 colas now , it tee off and two nodes on each side , trying to get 2 seedlings to reach they 9 leaf set of leaves and I’m gone put all 3 into flower , to see if I can finish it .

Hi Guys
Here is bag seed plant, 1st pic is about 3 1/2 weeks april 9, next one is april 19
growing like a weed

They look very good growing , but I think my problem was not knowing the distance of settings on the powerful led light I have . Contacted the supplier and followed they instruction and by 2 weeks I will have amazing responses …but like Lakewood says to most , you don’t know what you don’t know . Now will you be able to finish really dense full buds with just the cfl’s ? Because them and the t5 do veg seedlings and clones very well , but the challenge or time to harvest is alter drastically when it comes to flower with t5’s or cfl is what I read in a lot of forums . You need intensity from lights to get the quality to its best .