Strain investigation please help!

My BB Auto… Been told there might be a mixup of BB and “Purple Hulk”.


It really is pretty

@802grower BB auto also was told by ILGM it could be purple hulk early test thanks to crappy weather and slight bud rot on main cola

Oh ok, interesting to see that its a mishap that’s happened to a lot of people at this point. Great flowers though! Mine are doubling in size each week. Im excited to see where it goes!


I’m starting to wish ILGM mixed up my seeds and I got some of these purple hulk seeds!


Intrestimg since they have alot of green still.

This was a blackberry I grew


@ThermoNukePanda This is what I meant :wink::facepunch:t2:

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Thank you

Beautiful purple !!! Just be happy they grew!! I ordered super mix auto and none of the B.Banners popped​:-1::cry:! The other ten GSC& G.Glue all popped and were really good!! I was going to order and try again but ill wait till they straighten this out!!


Is BB an auto? My BB auto is a beautiful purple, but the leaves aren’t purple like yours. Just curious.


That’s Bruce banner.

Ok so long story short ILGM mistakenly gave a couple different people a different strain instead of the Bruce Banner (BB) Auto seed some people are growing a strain called Purple Hulk mines an Autoflower. I don’t know where the seeds are from since ILGM doesn’t sell them. The plants very pretty and the purple is very intense so that’s exciting.

Here are some pictures from today.


I’m so excited I have two of these from the super auto pack I recently got that have broken ground :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Fun to think I may have gotten lucky and gotten some purple hulk lol

Thats exciting.
I got my seeds from that super auto pack too!

Just harvested my purple hulk from the mix pack!!! @CygnusX1 @802grower @ThermoNukePanda



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So this purple hulk while alive and on the plant smells super fruity, had to pull some to dry about a week ago due to mold, dried bud almost has a black pepper scent if that makes any sense, hopefully the cure will really bring back the terps

Obviously you can tell which was was “Brucie” :laughing::laughing: Just cut em down today


I have one that looks the same and I am also trying to figure out the strain. This is my 6th outdoor grow and I decided to take a hands off approach. The purple girl took a beating in a wind and rain storm….branches split, I just propped them up and she’s still going strong. I noticed this strain seems resistant to the caterpillar problems I’ve had every grow. The second girl I also don’t know the strain, but I had to use DiPel Pro to minimize the damage. Seeds came from cured flowers , only had 2 this year. They were planted around Memorial Day. My biggest mistake in the past was cutting to soon, like last week in October and the cured buds always had a green homegrown taste. So, this year I am waiting (luckily we’re having a warmer than normal November) to harvest as trichromes aren’t quite there. It’s nice to see how much more dense the flowers are. I believe this will be my best grow. Thoughts on strain?
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@ADK_Guerrila idk what u have there, but it looks freaking beautiful to me.