Strain investigation please help!

Hey everyone if you are looking at this post it’s much appreciated for the help.
So I purchased the super mix pack autos from ILGM this one plant I’m very curious about, no complaints at all just not the strain it was supposed to be, seed came from the Bruce Banner baggie that came with the order haven’t been able to find a Bruce Banner with this coloration and or smell. So purple it looks almost black, smell is extremely sweet and reminds me of fruity pebbles cereal. Whether or not it was the correct strain or possibly a different pheno type it is growing beautifully and is very strong.
Any ideas welcome :hugs: happy growing


Oh so it was a ilgm Bruce banner?

Okay so my Geuss Is someone at ilgm mixed up the seed pack and tossed in one of their other seeds it could be:
Blue dream
Grand daddy purple

But my Geuss is a blueberry.
Are you sure it’s a super mix pack and not a normal mix pack? Was there a code on the bag?

Because auto mix pack comes with a blueberry

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This isn’t the first Bruce Banner that’s been posted lately with a purple pheno coming through. Wonder if there has been a mix up along the way. Isn’t there a Hulk cross of some kind with purple traits as well?


@Nicky yes the super mix pack of autos that includes the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Gorilla Glue and also Bruce Banner. All autos.

Here’s another:

Me 2!
Ordered Bruce banner 20 of em. Got this lady and one other so far that are purple.

Hers is very subtle by comparison
Here is one that looks normal, same bag of seeds

These buds are from first plant.


@Docnraq awesome :metal:t2: Like I said no complaints at all but damn you would think if this pheno was hanging around they would try to isolate it, she is beautiful!!!


Very true on the beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Super purple right! I did GDP last grow and that purple was almost a pink purple, if that makes sense. This is a deep and dark purple. Smokes pretty good straight off the stalk. Can’t wait to properly cure the rest!


Since we’re all talking about different Bruce Banner autos, I thought I’d throw mine in here. It came from an ilgm in an auto mix packet of BB, GSC & GG. She turned a beautiful shade of purple, I can’t wait to harvest!


Can we just say that’s not BB? I’ve had BB soooo many times and it’s never been purple and if it was it was barely…would ILGM do a cross and not say anything but openly test it? Knowing how well people here take care of growing even the new people that come here daily (me being one of them) turn into some sort of gardener after meeting everyone here….would there ever be a chance that it could happen? If not it’s a HUGE mixup :sweat_smile:….I do inventory for a living I can use terms like “mixup” :rofl:


I have been willing to entertain ideas of what strain it might be. Mine grew out like a sativa super tall and leggy vs squat and bushy of indica dominants. Problem there is not a lot of purple sativa dominant strains that ILGM offers, even fewer Autoflower purple sativa dominant strains. @ILGM.Support Can you help us identify these purple “Bruce banners”? Or point us to someone who can?


@Docnraq thanks!!! I’ve been researching how to get into contact with them just to help out in identifying the strain, like i said previously i have no complaints at all it’s just a beautiful plant and I want to know how to get the same results again when ordering the proper strain :rofl: @grizZz who knows what the heck strain it is lol it’s honestly just super cool and colorful being such a dark purple. And it definitely came with the super auto mix pack here is some i info if we can get someone from ILGM on here to help


Yea this summer had enough temp shifts that even indoor growers like me got a few color shifts this is my California snow auto, I’ve seen others grow it only about 5% get the shift. The purple pigment is the same as in blueberries, blackberries , and purple grapes so you almost always get a berry twist to the terps

Then there’s strains like this purple lemonade where it happens effortlessly every time


So your saying you can turn any strain purple?


It seems very possible to simply change temps and give em some color….it’s a natural process with photosynthesis anyways but this thread subject implies something different entirely right?


Not all but most can if your night Temps are extremely different then day temps

It has to do with genetics which influence terpenes, low yelps and low PH will promote it.

Some are effortless though.
Here is some I did

Another one here

Last one

And pinky red


I would think that ILGM is not a breeder but a reseller, they most likely buy bulk seed from the breeders and part it out into lots for sale. At this time accidents can and do happen.


I bet they are a breeder but they don’t tell you where they got their genetics so that’s sorta lame. It’s not something I trust, never seen them win a Cana cup that’s for sure lol.

It’s like crop King or rqs