Strain identity

Can a “bag seed” grow be identified by leaves, color or know the difference between a S or I strain??

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You don’t have to make a new topic for every question you can put everything all in the same one and no it’s very hard if not impossible to Identify strain without knowing



My apologies for multi topics and my questions…just trying to keep threads on track.


@Not2L82Lrn Welcome! You can tell the difference between an Indica and a Sativa by the shape of the leaves. Indicas have short fat leaves and Sativas’ have long pointy leaves and are usually ‘willowy’ looking. Indicas look like muscle women and Sativas’ look like delicate ladies. Indicas are all about business and Sativas do it on their own time. Sativas grow tall and indicas kinda squatty and chunky. Hope this helps.



Hope this helps:)


Here’s mine…what do you think??

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@Not2L82Lrn I did the same thing!

@Not2L82Lrn I like your ‘name’! Oh so true. Nice and healthy! I am going to say indica, because it looks hefty, sativas don’t quite get as compact for lack of a better word, they kinda get tall and slim. Start a journal! Check out mine ‘I’m HCG! Come along with me for a summer’s grow’ or in the search thing in the upper right you can put highcountrygal and all of my journals should pop up. Keep me posted, please. Happy growing!

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