Strain Identification Question

I’m having remembering what strains I bought earlier this year (getting old HA!)
Can someone tell me what strain this seed ID is for (on the little package)?
The rest of my packets… are easy to identify.

GOA-FAP10 (I think it is Gorilla Glue, but would like to be sure.)


@ILGM.Stacy here’s the most recent one.

Sorry about posting twice on the same subject. I for some reason do not see your response.
Still curious.

I just checked all of my previous orders and Gorilla Glue should have been labeled GRG… so what is GOA? Did I not receive the Gorilla Glue I ordered?
Please someone help me out here.


They may have changed up the coding and feminized is still GRG and autos GOA to prevent mixups at the warehouse. Before is was just FP and FAP.

So GRG-FP5 or GRG-FAP5 could easily be mixed up.

Thanks, Bobbie. I’ve got two going now… and they appear to be the Gorilla Glue I ordered, but only received 5, not the 10 I thought I was buying
First time I’ve had a problem with ilgm.

I have contacted them with the order number and a pic of the package. We’ll see what happens.

Should have came with 10 as the label suggests.

Gorilla Glue Autoflower by ILGM SYP-GOA-FAX (X = Number of Seeds)
From post listed below…


Unfortunately, not this time.

They’ll take care if it.

I want to apologize to the folks at ILGM. I believe after taking inventory that I was wrong about how many GG seeds we received. I now believe it was 10 in total. After receiving the seeds we went to sprout 3, unfortunately only 2 grew. We planted them and they came up July 4 and are now in flower. Two weeks later or so we did another two and the are now in veg and are doing REALLY well! I thought they were White Widows… but no… I was wrong.
Please forgive me for casting erroneous aspirations on ILGM.
Even though the labeling threw me off, they are still a great place to obtain seeds.
I highly recommend them.

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I had the same kind of Question. I have a strain of code that doesn’t seem like the strain it’s supposed to be it has the code OKC and they’re supposed to be cherry pie from the bakers pack… OKC doesn’t seem like the right Abr??

Call me crazy but it seems crazy to not have the strain name , sex and type on the packages.

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